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The Suburban Housecat

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Hello, dearest readers of Paw-talk. My name is Fin, although I’m known by many names – Finny, Finny de Floof, and Speed Bump, to name a few. I’m a grannycat, a senior citizen if you will. I’m an only pet, which means I have no one I have to share my litter box with. I live with my two human...

Bug Geek

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The Geek in Question is really just a bug aficionado and an insect blogger.  Her blog, Fall to Climb, is all about her adventures and misadventures with her fuzzy little friends. (I say hers because I"m not so sure everyone reading this would feel the same!) The Geek, or TGIQ for short, decided to pursue an academic career in entomology...

The Alaskan Zoo Volunteer

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Twelve years ago, Ruth Fitzpatrick walked through the Alaskan Zoon everyday to get some exercise after a bad back injury.  Little did she know that those easy walks would one day turn into a most favorite job.  Today, Ruth gives tours, holds classes for children, and does outreach programs.  But above all, she gets to share her excitement for the...

Reminder: Free Feral Cat Spay Day

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Tomorrow marks the annual Free Feral Cat Spay Day brought to you by Alley Cat Rescue. Over 100 vets across the US are participating in the organization's new campaign.  Other organizations involved include the South African Veterinary Association and the University of Pretoria's Faculty of Veterinary Science.  They will be holding their own project to inspire more of these types...

Companion Keeper

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Kate Natrass Atema  is a companion in her own right.  As the Companion Animals Program Director for the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) she's a best friend both to cats and dogs and to the people that benefit from the many community projects around the world which she coordinates. in order to help cats and dogs.  More so, she's...

Must Love Dogs

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As a dog rescuer, Amy Hunt sees abuse, neglect, and cruel treatment to pups on a daily basis, but she remains surprisingly optimistic about the rescue experience and its results.  While the world remains greedy and lazy about puppy mills and pet shops, she hopes to help educate communities on why dogs shouldn't be toted as trophies at a pet...