Sunday, 11 April 2010 08:25 Must Love Dogs
Written by Ava

As a dog rescuer, Amy Hunt sees abuse, neglect, and cruel treatment to pups on a daily basis, but she remains surprisingly optimistic about the rescue experience and its results.  While the world remains greedy and lazy about puppy mills and pet shops, she hopes to help educate communities on why dogs shouldn't be toted as trophies at a pet store.  

We talked to Amy about what makes the dog rescue experience so important to her, so much so that she's become the Ohio State Rep for Russell Rescue, a national network of volunteers dedicated to placing unwanted, displaced, or abandoned Jack Russell Terriers into permanent homes and at the same time, founded Multiple Breed Rescue, an organization for mix breed dogs that don't fall into a breed specific rescue.  

She's also started her own dog rescuer's blog in order to express the hardships she's encountered when fully throwing herself into the dog rescuing process.  

So far so good as Amy is on her way to being a true hero in the dog rescue area.

Wednesday, 31 March 2010 14:44 Why Should The World Be Vegetarian?
Written by Ava
Ryan MacMichael of The Veg Blog makes a strong statement with his answer to the first question thrown at him in our interview for this Paw-Talk post.  
"If you love 'em, don't eat 'em." The 34-year old Virginian vegan goes on to mention other reasons why it's important to be veg: health, environment, and ethics.  But is it possible to listen to a blogger who didn't even turn vegan until his 29th birthday? 
Some perhaps might argue that Ryan turned vegan too late, while others might say he is probably more knowledgeable then those who dove in, head first. After all, slow and steady wins the race.  
Ryan has most likely heard every excuse about why one shouldn't become a vegetarian or vegan, and he's certainly made up a few himself.  In any case, he handles it all with one cool statement: "If you come in with an open mind, ready to try new foods, you'll be fine."
Learn how Ryan treks along on a mission to promote his vegan diet and battles vegetarian stereotypes along the way.
(Upon reading this, Ryan would cry, "I'm a vegan action hero!") ;-) 
Monday, 22 February 2010 09:30 Spay Day
Written by Ava

Statistics say that out of 80,000 cats, if half are females and having 2 litters each year, in 5 years this could result in 800,000 extra cats on our streets!

So how do we stabilize cats and keep them from overpopulation?

When we first featured Alley Cat Rescue on the Paw-Talk blog, we spoke to Maggie Funkhouser about the best ways to save and stabilze alley cats from the street.  But what better way to do so then prevent unwanted litters from happening in the first place.  That's where Alley Cat Rescue's newest projects comes in.

While the Humane Society of the United States celebrates its 16th annual Spay Day on February 23rd, Alley Cat Rescue, eager to make their own contribution, will be celebrating their own Spay Day on February 25th and 26th by offering a low-cost spay/neuter clinic for domestic and feral cats.  It's just $30 to sterilize and vaccinate your cat! Who can beat that?

That's not all!  In April, the organization will be running a special Free Feral Cat Spay Day geared specifically towards feral cats.  At least 120 vets across the US will be offering at least 2 free spays/neuters of feral cats to the public.  Their hope is

Tuesday, 19 January 2010 15:01 Green Acres: Northwest Style
Written by Denise

Not long ago, in a far away land, I grew up in a place where Heather Locklear was a cheerleader at the rival high school and the smiling, very skinny checker at the local hardware store, Builder’s Emporium. It was a place where “Charlie’s mom” was Jodie Foster and Kim Basinger was the woman with a margarita in the next booth at Casa De Carlos. The West Valley, Calabasas, Hidden Hills, Woodland Hills five miles from Malibu as the crow flies, a place where everyone’s family was “in the business” and by that of course I mean the “industry” – television and film production. I had a purse collection, wore Estee Lauder™, was blessed with one quirky son, had a housekeeper who did laundry; a six-figure income, a standing hair appointment and automatic sprinklers.

Today, I live in the middle of nowhere have forty-six assorted farm animals, countless bees, my son and someone else’s moody teenager, two pairs of coveralls, three vacuums, and a tractor. I do my own roots, darn my woolen socks, press my own cider, have piles of laundry, but still manage to wear my Estee Lauder™. After all, a girl can only go so far.

Tuesday, 05 January 2010 10:13 Man's Best Friend?
Written by Ava

Lisa from Petsblogs won’t let her kids have a pet monkey.  Not even after watching Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian back in December, when they started bombarding her with requests for one. 

It was all because of Crystal, the Capuchin money who played Dexter in the first edition of the movie back in 2006 and was back for the sequel this year. 
Having one as a pet was a no-no.  But it was all for good reason.  Lisa and her kids learned all about Crystal and Capuchins when they did some research after watching the movie.  

We don’t have the time, the space, or the resources, she wrote in a post where she described the situation.  And here’s what else
Capuchins live pretty and it’s likely to be at least a 30-year commitment (that means you must know that if you start taking care of one now, you may as well be taking care of one 30 years later!)

Tuesday, 08 December 2009 15:48 Chinleana
Written by Ava

Paw-Talk here's on a dinosaur kick! While we can't take them home as pets, there's nothing like talking to your average bone collector, as we like to playfully call those fab paleontologists, not all of which even collect bones. 

Look's like we don't have to do too much though.  We'll let this next guy speak for himself.

Not only was it a pleasure to interview esteemed Arizona paleontologist, but the Petrified Forest National Park employee came up with his own introduction! So without further ado, Chinleana blogger: Bill Parker.

My name is Bill Parker and I am a paleontologist in northeastern Arizona. While my day job mainly involves roaming the badlands of Petrified Forest National Park picking up bit after bit of phytosaur scrap (and finding some good stuff in-between), thus my main focus is the paleontology of the Triassic Period. However, I also have a very strong interest in Civil War history, and am a direct descendent of veterans who fought on both sides. Note: This is a personal site and all posts are my own opinions and do not represent the opinions of the National Park Service.


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