Why Should The World Be Vegetarian?
Written by Ava   
Ryan MacMichael of The Veg Blog makes a strong statement with his answer to the first question thrown at him in our interview for this Paw-Talk post.  
"If you love 'em, don't eat 'em." The 34-year old Virginian vegan goes on to mention other reasons why it's important to be veg: health, environment, and ethics.  But is it possible to listen to a blogger who didn't even turn vegan until his 29th birthday? 
Some perhaps might argue that Ryan turned vegan too late, while others might say he is probably more knowledgeable then those who dove in, head first. After all, slow and steady wins the race.  
Ryan has most likely heard every excuse about why one shouldn't become a vegetarian or vegan, and he's certainly made up a few himself.  In any case, he handles it all with one cool statement: "If you come in with an open mind, ready to try new foods, you'll be fine."
Learn how Ryan treks along on a mission to promote his vegan diet and battles vegetarian stereotypes along the way.
(Upon reading this, Ryan would cry, "I'm a vegan action hero!") ;-) 
World Farm Animals Day (October 2)
Written by Michael   

Michael Weber from the Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM), a non-profit advocacy organization honoring farm animals, promoting plant-based (vegan) diets, combating global warming, and conserving environmental resources, and educating the world on all of these topics,  based outside of Washington DC, has graciously written a few words about World Farm Animals Day (WFAD).

World Farm Animals Day may have been officially acknowledged on October 2, but events took place throughout the month and the concept itself can literally be honored any day of the year!--Ava

This World Farm Animals Day, FARM asked caring people across the globe to do more than merely think of the suffering that animals endure. All 50 states and more than 29 countries participated in worldwide activities. We calledc upon people to actually make the human-animal connection and put themselves in the place of feeling beings who are abused, mutilated, traumatized, and murdered for our dining preferences. Among the hundreds of events that our activists put on, there were cage-ins, memorials, and dozens of video screenings of the award winning documentary Fowl Play.

fffur Free and Fabulous!
Written by Ava   

We're definitely fffeeling it.  It always warms the hearts of staffers here at Paw-Talk to see an organization promoting animal rights in a fun-loving, fancy-free way with lots of good vibes going around.  And this one had great clothes to boot! (For the fashion freaks in all of us!)

Leading animal advocacy and wildlife conservation organization Born Free USA and leading environmental publication, E Magazine, celebrate the glorious climax of fffashion, their fur free fashion design competition promoting the ethical and environmental benefits of foregoing fur fashions.  They announced the winners!

FARM Frenzy
Written by Ava   
According to Dawn Moncrief, Conference Director and Executive Director of the Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM), a vegan lifestyle is the absolute best way to help animals.  As she relates in a Q&A below on the non-profit animal rights public interest organization where she began working in 2002, animals killed for food are absolutely the largest majority of animals abused by human, more than all other abuses combined! Simply put, why wouldn't you focus on a vegan diet? 
After working on her Master's degree in International Relations, Dawn began reading about the inefficiencies and environmental harm of animal agriculture and decided to work on hunger issues from this perspective.  After hearing Pattrice Jones speak at the Animal Rights 2001 National Conference speaking on behalf of the Global Hunger Alliance, she was inspired to join FARM, especially because so few people and organizations worked on this issue.  She also founded A Well-Fed World, an organization to promote the benefits of sustainable, plant-based solutions in response to global food security, health, hunger, and environmental concerns and encourage others to think about the benefits of plant-rich diets and reduced meat consumption.
All For The Animals
Written by Ava   

When we came across the site All For Animals online, we thought it was of the best animal rights websites out there.  Little did we know that this big time animal cruelty prevention website had once been merely a Santa Barbara resource for animal lovers.

Founder Karen Lee Stevens had originally created the site in 1997 as the place to be for animal enthusiasts, but when she learned of the horrors and suffering going on in animal testing laboratories through her research, she knew she had to use the site for another purpose--to educate the world on animal testing abuse prevention and animal rights.  

Since then, Karen's impact has only gotten stronger as she has emerged as one of the best online educators of animal abuse prevention.  She has grown enamored with blogging and social media and definitely loves using her site as well as Facebook and Twitter to her advantage.  She's also taken to writing her own animal rights blog for Examiner.com.  Finally, she's become a published author, freelance writer, and columnist and continues to make the world aware that saving animals is as important as any other cause.  

You too can make a difference, Karen says, and she can help.  Let's see what Karan has to say about a topic that hits close to home and has become a major part of her life's work.  

Reach Out for Veganism
Written by Ava   

There are plenty of vegetarian groups out there, but Vegan Outreach stands out because of its proactive dedication to expose and end cruelty to animals as well as it's thorough "plan of action" to end the suffering.  

Their plan? The animal advocacy group spreads the word through a widespread distribution of illustrated booklets, articles, essays, and brochures on the subject.  Over 10 million booklets have already been distributed since the group began in the '90s. Founders Matt Ball and Jack Norris met in Ohio as members of the Animal Rights Community of Cincinnati and spent that winter holding fur protests.  Their focus has since shifted to vegetarianism and Vegan Outreach helps to make that happen.

We had the chance to talk to Matt Ball about the growth of Vegan Outreach and how far it has come.