The Suburban Housecat
Written by Fin   

Hello, dearest readers of Paw-talk. My name is Fin, although I’m known by many names – Finny, Finny de Floof, and Speed Bump, to name a few. I’m a grannycat, a senior citizen if you will. I’m an only pet, which means I have no one I have to share my litter box with. I live with my two human parents in the suburbs of Las Vegas Nevada.

I can’t jump on the counters and the dining table like a kitten anymore, but getting older has its perks too. I haven’t just gotten older, I’ve also grown wiser. I’ve discovered the secret of life and I want to share it with all of you. Why don’t we curl up on the e-couch together and I’ll tell you everything.

Wait, is that someone in the kitchen, by the can opener? Oh, it is, I gotta go!

Sorry about that. What a disappointment, it was only a can of corn. Oh nibblets, how you mock me.

Now where was I? Oh no, now I’ve lost my train of thought. I sure it’ll come back to me. Oh yes, I have it now.

Is that a bug? I’ll get it!

Moth. I don’t eat those, they tend to repeat on you. 

Where was I? This could take a while.

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Fin is a suburban ladycat with lots of cool advice and stories  on his blog Housecat Confidential.  Her owner Meg shares in the fun.