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February is National Pet Dental Health Month. For most of us, paw-lovers, our pets’ dental health may at times be overlooked. Some may only go to the veterinarian only when complications are experienced by our beloved cats and dogs. Our pets’ oral health is an important thing that we should look into as any infection on our pets’ gums and mouth may lead to more serious issues with their internal organs.

Dr. Patrick Roberts is a veterinarian who specializes on dentistry. As a veterinary dentist, Dr. Roberts has saved hundreds of canines and felines with his expertise and experience. Just in time for the month’s activity, we will get to know more about Dr. Roberts, his job, and oral health maintenance for our pets.

How does a veterinary dentist, like you, starts his day?

I start my day with brushing my teeth. I am a dentist and I say to it that I do what I preach! Kidding aside, I usually get in the clinic at 10AM. The first 30 minutes will be a quick full rounds on the clinic. If there are pets confined, I see to it that they get their daily reward treats. The next 30 minutes will be used to review appointments, reminders and to do’s before going ahead with the consultation and usual vet stuff.

About the “daily reward treats” that you mention, tell me about it.

The daily reward treats are given to confined pets to give their day a boost. It is a type of biscuit that can be eaten by most animals and is full of vitamins and minerals. It is also a way to connect with the pets – especially those who are aloof to strangers.

Why is February chosen as the National Pet Dental Health Month? Any reason for it?

It really has less to do with the month but that of the rationale behind the event. The main purpose is to choose a specific month as a reminder to pet-owners of the importance of oral health care for the pets. Oftentimes, we do not really look into our dogs and cats oral situation and maintenance. We assume that they “auto-clean” their teeth. They don’t. This is why we should learn how to teach our pets to be cooperative with regular tooth brushing.

You mean to say that my dog needs to be tooth-brushed, too? I have no problem with my pet ever since.

Yes, there is a thing such as brushing a dog’s teeth. Absence of any problems noted does not necessarily mean that the dog has a good oral health. You should regularly go to the vet to ensure that your pet’s oral and overall health is good.

I am usually away for days leaving my pet in the house with enough foods to eat. Is that healthy?


Leaving your pet for a few days on rare occasions may be acceptable as long as the pet is secured and has enough supply of foods and water. However, if you are frequently leaving your pets for long periods of time, it is best that you reconsider your options. You either have to find a way to stop leaving, or find an owner for your pet who can give time for attention and care. One of my past time is playing of card games such as Poker and Black-Jack in the casino while leaving my pet for at home to tend to itself. If luck is on my side and I am making money, I may take longer. When my dog got very sick, I realized that I should hold back on going out, or find a new home for my dog. I cannot live without my dog so I quit going to the casino and found a way to continue with playing casino online. It’s a good thing that my Middle-Eastern friend shared arabic online casino as his go-to place for online casino games.

Is oral health care maintenance expensive?

As long as you regularly go to the veterinarian, you won’t have to worry about expensive fees. Things will only get costly if you let a small oral infection ruin your pet’s overall health performance. Also, some insurance companies offers option for pet healthcare. You can check with your insurance provider if they offer the services.

What does a Dr. Roberts do when he is out of office?

I take my dog for a walk. I play basketball and soccer. When at home I love tuning in to Netflix or killing some time gambling at the online casino site. I may also call in some friends to play some friendly poker, black-jack games and billiards.

What is your message to the pet-owners?


Love and take care of everything that you have. Pets are part of our families. Sometimes, they are the only family to some people. Let us take care of our pets’ general health performance including their oral health care. Prevention and maintenance is always a better and cost-friendlier option than cure. Be a responsible pet-owner.

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