Dear Pammy: What Happened To the Cat I Chose in The Shelter?
Written by Pammy   

Pammy from the Way of Cats site and blog regularly answers her readers' questions about why their cats are acting a certain way or doing something unusual in her Dear Pammy series. 

With a new set of columns headed our way from the magnificent blogger herself, let's hope she can answer Paw-Talk readers too!

In the mean time, here's a great article from Pammy on why cats act a certain inside the shelter and in their new homes.--Ava

I get a lot of emails like this:

Abernathy was the cutest cat in the shelter. Well, I thought so. When he put his paw on my knee and looked into my eyes, I couldn’t leave him there. The shelter people told me how funny and active he was, and I saw that, too. But now he’s been under my bed for three days! Where’s my cat?

Man's Best Friend
Written by Ava   

Don't call him a dog lover, but Patrick Burns does enjoy taking care of American working terriers.  After all, he's been doing so since he was about five years old, though he only started hunting with the rambunctious pups 10 years ago. 

Don't call him a dog trainer or a show dog person, though he does enjoy, defend, and respect those dogs and will continue to inform the world of their attributes.  

So why start, a site on those American working canines? Why write a book on the subject, offer pet care tips? Why create a blog?

As he describes in a Q&A below, it's because dogs see the world through different lenses and the partnership between dogs and humans is important and influential.  

Read Patrick's responses below.

Do Cats Want To Be The Center of Attention?
Written by Pammy   

funny pictures of cats with captionsOf course they do!

When it’s the right kind of attention.

If we have a cat who seems shy, who hides, or avoids human contact, we have a cat who is not sure about the attention they might get. It’s the happy and confident cat who is always there, eager to share their presence with us, and secure with the kind of reception they will get.

It can seem that our cats are always asking for attention. This means two things; that it’s not so bad that cats nap so much, and that they are happy cats who love us. That should help.

These are cats who have discovered the thrill of engagement, and want to play with it like a toy. RJ has been exploring his new abilities in this area, and is busy coming up with things to ask us for. Just because it’s so thrilling!

It’s ironic that people who don’t understand cats denigrate these very abilities. Cats who have a close bond with us get the same enjoyment from our interaction that we get from a smile from a friend. They want us to acknowledge them, say their name, and comment on what they are doing.

When it comes to their needs, cats are never wrong.

Hope for Animals
Written by Ava   

Hope springs eternal? Yes, it's true! If animals are involved and Hope Schultz is in the picture, then faith, rescue, and healing are on its way.

Hope Schultz is the president and COO of WebVet, an online pet care database she created with pal Bill Zaccheo, to channel their feelings to create an interactive pet platform that offers tips and suggestions to help animals in one place. WebVet offers resources, information, news, health & wellness tips, networking with other pet lovers, and facts

She channeled her "passion for pets" and online users are lucky enough to see the beautiful final result!

By talking to pet owners, they learned that while the Internet currently provides access to social networking, symptom searches and information on illnesses, there was something missing. That something is WebVet, an interactive and comprehensive “whole-pet” platform that addresses both the physical and emotional needs of pets.

Like Paw-Talk, WebVet is all about establishing connections with other pet enthusiasts, but it's all about proper pet education and finding tips for the best pet care resources available. For these lucky animals, though, it's all about Hope!

Hiring The Right Pet Sitter
Written by Ava   

I always dread the idea of having to hire a pet sitter when we go away.  Dee from the Natural Pet Health blog said this month that most pet owners like the idea of hiring a pet sitter when they're away, but I absolutely hate it!

Still she goes on to talk about how having a stranger in the house could be weird for you and your pet.  It definitely is...and what pet sitter do you know that wants to take care of lots of cats, dogs, gerbils, hamster, birds...all in the same house! (That's the problem I face with pet sitters anyway. I have a house full of pets!)

Surprisingly, pet sitting is supposedly a booming industry, but Dee says it involves a lot of work.  Tell me about it, do you how many times a day I spend cleaning up after all the little ones? How long it takes me? We have to pay that pet sitter a hefty sum! 

Dee says you'll want to interview pet sitters, make sure they have experience and aren't simply doing it because "love pets." Make sure you know their price, their work habits, and above all, make sure you trust them to take care of your pets!!

"Your 3-year old nephew may love pets," Dee says, "But would you trust your 3-year old nephew to take care of them?"

Believe me, there have been many a horror story about pet sitters who have gone astray.  But don't get too worried. Just do your interview, hire someone from a special petting sitting organization or group and make sure you know what you're getting into. When your pets are safe and sound with the right person, you'll be glad you spent the time researching.