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This happened on Thursday:

My mom has 4 dogs, one is a chow mix named Gus. On Tuesday we kept seeing this bunny in the back yard being chased by Gus. The bunny always got away, however we were stumped as to why the bunny kept coming to our back yard and staying in the same place every time.

Well today my mom went outside and Gus was "nosing" something in the grass. She automatically knew something was wrong. Turns out it was a BABY bunny. She picked it up and took the baby inside; then she saw Gus nosing again. So she went back out and there was another one. Close to where the baby bunnies were, there was a small hole in the grass that was very hard to see. After searching the hole my mom found a third bunny. My aunt took the baby bunnies to the Wildlife place so that Guss would not kill them. I wish that I could have been there to see the baby bunnies!

I thought for sure that Gus would kill or hurt them as he truly does not know his strength. My mom said he never touched his teeth to them that he was only using his nose to move them around. The bunnies were just born within this week. They did not have their eyes opened and could not even walk. I feel so sorry for the mama bunny!

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