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Smile New Hope from Diane at PD Lover's Forum

I want to thank Catherine for turning me on to Diane. She has some really good suggestions that I am trying now. Since, we got Precious when she was 3mos old we did not bottle feed her and I think we missed out on that bonding experience. Diane said it was not too late, so we are giving her corn/sweet potatoe baby food by syringe. This is my first day. She took it like a bottle. Rolls over on her back in my arms and as I slowly squirt it into her little mouth she laps it up as she wraps her hands around to syringe. She says that once a day for a month or 2 or as long as it takes will help to establish that bond. She had some more ideas that follow this but I would take up a whole page writing it all. If someone needs to know, let me know and I will fill you in or tell you how to get in touch with Diane. I don't give up easily so as long as I have an avenue to try, I will try. I will keep you posted if this works. This is just the first step to domesticating her as Diane put it.

Thank, Jan
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