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It sounds like she's having problems with her teeth. She needs to see a vet for sure.

I'm not bashing you but prairie dogs, rats and gerbils should not be housed together. PD's have different diet requirements than gerbils and rats. PD's shouldn't have peanuts as a regular treat because of the fat content and pd's can become obese easily which results in further health problems. Good treats are plain shredded wheat, plain cheerios, small pieces of carrots, ect. Don't give any treats with sugar. Timothy hay should be the main part of their diet and give treats sparingly.

I'm glad to hear she's doing well by herself. You are doing the right thing by spending alot of time with her. PD's can literally go insane without alot of interaction. They are very social animals and need alot of attention.

I hope everything goes well with your vet visit tomorrow.


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