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2006 Christmas/Holiday Card Exchange

With the upcoming holiday season upon us ... I was wondering if anyone here would be interested in doing a christmas/holiday card exchange.

How it works is whoever is interested in participating would PM me their name & mailing address & email address. I will collect names starting now & continuing through November 15th. I would then compose a list of all the names & addresses of the people participating. I will then email that list to everyone participating.

What you will then do is buy enough cards for everyone on the list. You will then physically mail everyone on the list a card.

It only costs the price of a stamp (.39 unless it is international) and the cost of the card.

To be elegible to participate -
you MUST have a minimum of 200 posts & have been a registered member in good standing for a minimum of 2 months.

I realize not everyone celebrates Christmas ... so it can be a general holiday card, or even a card from whichever holiday you celebrate.

This is actually really fun & really hightens the holiday spirit to receive more cards in the mail than bills

So what do ya say?!?!

If you're interested in participating ... PM me your name, physical mailing address & email address you would like the list mailed to.

Names will be collected until November 15th.
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