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Exo-Terra RainForest Heat Wave - heating pad

Product Description
Rainforest reptile and amphibian species require specific heating parameters. With the Heatwave terrarium heater, you can meet your pet's specific needs. Perfect for under-tank or tank-wall mounting, the Heatwave provides safe, even heat distribution for high-humidity, bottom- or tree-dwelling species.Size:This ultra thin, self-adhesive heater is 8" x 8".

This product doesn't work at all, I had to go back 3 times to return it.
I bought the 8x8, for my hermit crabs and they had to go without heat for awhile. This pad does not heat up at all, not even a little warmth.

If your looking for a heat pad go with Zoo Med, I use their heat pads on my hermit and snake tanks.

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