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About 2 years ago I bought my pomeranian who I'm absolutely in love with and wouldn't give up for anything or anyone in the world. He was about 8mths old when I got him so he wasn't as expensive as little puppies but he still wasn't cheap. Anyway, the place didn't give me his papers and when I went back for them, they told me it would be an additional $100 because he wasn't a puppy when i bought him. Also, my dog doesn't REALLY look too much like a pom either. His nose is longer then your average poms, and he weighs about 14 lbs witch I think is a little bigger than most, and he's definately taller than any I've ever seen. His hair isn't poofy at all and his undercoat's really light and the tips of his hair is black. Does anyone know if it is legal to charge extra for a dogs papers? I'm clueless cause he's the only so called "purebreed" that I've ever bought. (im almost sure he's not a pure breed though?)
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