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Question How do I get over my depression over lost cat?

Hey everyone! I have a story over my first cat. Well my parents adopted him from a local shelter about 5 yrs ago I would say. His name was Domino and he was medium hair black and white with a blue and green eye. He was seriously my best friend. I loved him more than anything and he loved me too. My parents didnt want him anymore ad said they were going to give him back to the pound if I didnt find another home for him. Well I took him to a friends house, which I regret MORE than anything. I was planning on getting him back when I got a place of my own as soon as possible. He was an indoor only cat but they started letting him outside. He lived outside for a while untill he dissapeared for about a week or two. I was worried out of my mond and I visited him everyday I could. He came back and about a month later after that he left for good! My "friends" didnt even seem to care. I searched around the neighborhood for months, put up reward posters everywhere and he was microchipped. I never found him again. Its been 5 or more yrs now and I still cry and get a sunken heart everytime I think of him. He seemed so sad in that house and he loved to see me when I came to see him. I dont know if he tried to come back home which was 20 miles away. What do you think?? Most people say that they think someone nice took him home since he was SO pretty and nice. Do you think that happened? I just want encouragement and I wish I could have resolution to this. I still love him like crazy and I have my own place now with 2 kitties but they will never replace or be like him. Please respond!
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I don't know..usually cats who know they're going to die will run away and not come back. It's possible...I'm afraid.... that might be the case. Otherwise, just hope for the best. Fact of the matter is, if he isn't gone from this world, Fate will probably shove you two back together. Do you have anything of his? An old collar, tags, anything like that?
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Hey fickeringhope! I dont think he went off to die. He was only 3 yrs old and was very healthy. I still took him to the vets regularly. I have alot of stuff he used to use but my other kitties now use the things. Why do you ask? Do you think that a search agent with a blood hound could still find him after that many years? Thanks for the positive words at the end.
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Not exactly, no. I was thinking, though, if you had something of his still, that perhaps, by focusing on it, you could call him to you. That would definitely exercise your mental psyche, though. But it may be the only option.
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It's very possible that someone did find him and bring him home. Since he was a pet and friendly to humans, he might have followed someone home.
I think, since you are still unsettled about this, your cat is still alive. If he had died, you probably would have gotten over the mourning, but since your spirit isn't calmed, he's likely out there.

I have lost a pet this way, too (a cockatiel) and I know what you must be going through.

Don't regret anything you have done, because that will only eat you up. You couldn't have known it then, and you can't change it now.

Most likely he is being cared for by another family. Hope you can find peace.
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I think too, mostly people when encountered a very loving cat that seemed to be lost would eventually give them home. It's very hard for you for all this time, I'm sorry but I think he's probably in a new loving home and the new owner just can't let him go so he didn't contact his previous owner. Please leave things to God and let go that feelings, he will be just fine and healthy somewhere and probably wishing you new life moving on, too.

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Missing lost kitty

I was wondering if you got over the loss of your cat. It has been two months since my cat went missing. I still look for her every chance I get. I did everything I could to find her the minute I realized she got out. She is microchipped, but I have a terrible feeling she is gone for good. I cry for her because I fear what might have happened to her, and I cry for myself because I left the door open. I don't seem to be getting over this loss at all well. I think it would have been better if I knew that she died rather than this constant hoping she will return. She was such an adorable little cat and everyone loved her. Where could she have gone???
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Losing a pet in any circumstances is upsetting, but in a way the 'not knowing' can make it worse because your imagination runs riot and it's easy to blame yourself. What if - - - - ?
Time is a great healer.
If it's any consolation he may have been taken in by good people. A cat turned up on our doorstep in January and when we were unable to find his owner we adopted him and he is now happy with us. I often think about his previous owners and how they must feel, but I don't know who they are.
Try to think happy thoughts about him. I know it's not easy but cats are resilient and resorceful creatures. That's why we love them.
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How do I get over my depression over lost cat?

I have not gotten over mine; however, the age of your cat at this point would probably mean he has passed over, but I bet he's one of the two kittens you now have. I just know it.

As for running back to your home, I would guess that's what he tried to do, but it was too far, so maybe someone else took him in because your cat was tame. The two I lost would not be taken in because they were stray and only friendly to me because I took the time to be friendly and feed them. I blame myself fully, and I have no way of letting that go at this time. I still look for them, but there is no sign. None. Food isn't even touched where I leave it, where I thought they might be. One was a kitten.
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