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Very vocal cat!

Does anyone have a very vocal cat? What do you do?

My cat Anja is ridiculously vocal,to the point of annoyance.I love her to bits,except the meowing.She meows constantly.And for no reason,she does it when I am in a seperate room,she does it if Berlin is in a seperate room,she does it when she is hungry,she does it when she wants wet food,she does it first thing in the morning and if I am not paying attention to her,she does it if I am paying attention to another animal and not her...she just always meows.It is highly annoying,since there is no need for it.She reminds me of a really needy dog.

She is perfectly healthy,has a great appetite and gets all kinds of affection.She seems to do this for attention or to hear her own voice.And she has been incredibly vocal since I got her.My other cats are not vocal at all,it is just Anja.She will even meow at me if I stop paying attention to her or turn my back on her.

She is not in need of toys or attention,I spoil my cats and they have more toys then they know what to do with.They get tons of love and affection from me or my daughter...there is no need of it.

So does anyone else have a "princess" cat that wants attention 24/7 and wants her own way? How do you deal with the constant meows? She is NOT a siamese,she should not be as vocal as one!

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I have a Vocal cat but he is siamese mixed, He gets anoying and sometimes when he wants attenchen and I am busy he takes his paws to try to getmy atenchen and not meaningot digs in. I have yelled at him or sprayed in with a water bottle and have said no meow but this is if I have feed him petted him and he is being anoying. BUt there is still is no stoping his stuberniss. He ushally stops when I raise my voice if he quites then its nothing if he keeps going then its something.
Is she fixed she could be comeing into heat everymoths almost or every 3 months my one female cat comes into heat becuase her heat cycle is really messed up which is either do from inbreeding to much or a medical condition acording ot my vet. Her mom was gotten from my nieghbor and it was supose ot be 2 females and she noticed that on was a male but it was 2 late. But out old neighbor didnt know the parents history she just took the last to the lady had, The lady they were gotten from had millions of cats that just keep breeding and the neighbor got the only 2 left that was tamed.
But of course all my cat have had siamese mixed and have been around siamese all my life so I'm sorta use to it. you could aways try one of thouse self motovated toys that keep the cat intertained. I heard they are ecspencive though.
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Amadeus can be pretty vocal.

Everymorning around 6:50 he meows and meows till someone fills his bowl. He'll run up to me meowing and then run back to his bowls as if to say "look what the dogs did, fill it again"

He meows when he wakes up, meows when I come home and meows when he feels like it.

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we had a cat named whiner he meowed every step he took. it was cute though he would try to meow when you were petting him and he was purring it ended up being errrrwow errrwow

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I love the sound of a Siamese cat's meow -- but can't stand cats yowling -- it sounds like someone is hurting them
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Chichi one of our sister cats is VERY vocal and just wanders around meowing at nothing, and when we tell her off for doing something she meows even louder! its terrible lol!
So i know what your going through !

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My Quinnie is a chatterbox! Especially in the morning trying to get me up, but when she wants me to sit down so she can get on my lap, she follows me around making that chattering sound. My other 2 only meow when I'm feeding them.

~Amy~ Mom to Lucy

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Our last cat Rider is very vocal too. It was mostly early morning around 4am.

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