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Antibiotics To Avoid

The use of Gram-positive spectrum oral antibiotics can seriously alter the sensitive balance of bacterial flora in the cecum.

Remember antibiotics to be avoided by using the PLACE rule.

Ampicillin, Amoxicillin
Cephalosporins, Clindamycin

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Don't use rabbit food

My mother and I raise Guinea pigs for the local pet and feed stores. Often using barter for other supplies needed.

So often I hear "My guinea pig has died and I don't know why ." When asked what they were fed, I often get a reply of rabbit food. The antibiotics in rabbit food are for rabbits. They can truly harm a guinea pig. Also, guinea pigs, like primates, need vitamin C. Some pet and feed stores neglect to mention this to an unsuspecting pet owner. Jut this week, while in a feed store getting feed for my boy's duck, one of the women in the store asked me about alfalfa cubes for the guinea pigs. Apparently earlier in the day, someone came in and told her that those and carrots would kill her pigs. I was flabbergasted . Alfalfa cubes are perfect food. Guinea pigs eat grass in the wild. My mother and I in addition to commercial food, throw a flake of alfalfa and some form of citrus fruit in each cage each week. The cubes will help by giving the pigs something to grind their teeth down on. In the books that I have read, it is recommended that when traveling to shows, rather than placing a container of water in the cage, use carrots or apples. The only reason that apples are preferred is that they won't stain their fur.

I have learned to never rely on the information of just one person on the street. Doing the research can spare the life of a pet and the heart of a pet lover. So don't even take my word for it. Try this web site, it may give you more pointers.

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Just wanted to point out that antibiotics in rabbit food are illegal. You cannot legally medicate a food product. You can put PRO-biotics in the feed, which may be what you're thinking of. These help keep the positive bacteria in the gut working as they should be.

Rabbit food would probably have higher amounts of protein and little to no vitamin C that a guinea pig would need, making it an incorrect diet none the less.

Alfalfa wouldn't be good as a staple hay. Guinea pigs need unlimited access to grass hays, such as Timothy. Alfalfa has a high protein and even more important, a high calcium content. Calcium stones are often seen in guinea pigs, which is why you want to stick with a grass hay.

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Guinea Lynx :: Dangerous Medications

The guinealynx dangerous medication page is designed to be printable so you can carry it with you to the vets and goes into detail about drugs which are from dangerous families for guinea pigs and/or rabbits.

The PDF file at the bottom of the page is designed to transport to vets.

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