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Question guinea pig hair loss

, our hedgie and piggy, seem to get along fairly well, even sleep in same house, the cage is about 4-5 ft long, and about 2-3 ft wide, we did notice some hair loss on the pig's butt tonight, kinda strange, any thoughts? no fighting between the two as of yet.

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How do you know they aren't fighting? I mean, it's hard to say unless you watch them 24-7.

What are you feeding them? I'd be concerned that the guinea pig would eat the hedgehog's food.

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Please dont keep the hedgie and piggie together! Your piggie could have gottten mites or some other problem from the hedgie, or the hedgie could attack the piggie! Separate them and take them to the vet asap!

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I dont get the whole lets keep 2 different species of animal in the one cage! Would you keep a hamster and a rat together? Or a rabbit and a ferret? It makes no sense to me at all and i wish people wouldnt do it! Not only do the different species have a different diet but they have different needs exercise wise etc and its just not a good idea to keep them together for any period of time!

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I agree with the above comments. The hair loss you're seeing could be a symptom of scurvy, which may be occuring if your pig isn't get the correct amount of vitamin C in it's diet. Not to mention that hedgehogs are omnivores and should be eating cat food -- guinea pigs are herbivores and should not have ANY meat in their diet AT ALL.

I'd separate them immediately and get both animals to the vet. If scurvy isn't the problem, he or she more than likely has mites, which may have come from or passed to your poor hedgie.

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It's probably not the BEST idea to house these guys together. Though I'm not going to be a hypocrite and say not to give them out of cage time together. (Mine DO get along fine and all play times are monitored, no food is involved, just the animals and toys, so please don't jump on me!) I highly doubt the hair loss is scurvy... If he's been eating his usual food he should be ok... he could have mites, or even possibly ring worm, or it could be stress from living with an animal with different sleeping habits. My own hedgehog tends to get fleas and things that the pig doesn't usually get, so things could have been passed. I'd give him a good bath and separate them for a few days and see if it doesn't get better. If you want to be able to use the same enclosure (I'm assuming it's one level as guinea pigs and hedgies should not have multi level housing because of back problems and clumsiness) for the both of them you may consider using a wire mesh to divide the cage in half. This way they can still see each other, but they'd have their foods and poos separate.

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my guniea lost hair when he was stressed and lonely we got him neauterd and he now has a mate, he seemed alot happier i dont know about the sharing as ive never had to species that would tolerate each other i cant imagine the gerbils would be too happy at a hairer housemate, anyway maybe ure guniea is slightly stressed? good luxck in resolving the problem if it carries on i'd deffinatley take him to a vet.

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I am in need of help!
Does anyone have multiple guinea pigs in the same cage???
My kids and I have 3 in one cage, and 4 in another. My problem is the guinea pig that was nipping at the others (Darwin) now has hair loss around its butt. Does this mean the pecking order has changed? Or should I be alarmed that she has some health issue. No other piggies are missing hair.

Please help...I don't know what to do!
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How big are the cages? Generally, store bought cages aren't big enough to hold that many Guinea pigs.
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cat food, guinea pig, hair loss, wire mesh

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