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Unhappy Need some advice.

Alrite nacho has been with me for around 3months now and i have tried to find local shelters for small animals but none have guinea pigs and rarely get any in! So basically my last resort would be another petshop pigger! but im really stuck..
Im studying an animal management course and my teacher who has alot of degree's with animals and vet diploma's said that two male guinea pigs not from the same litter will NOT tolorate eachother, and if they do it won't last as they will start to fight or one get bullied.. then i asked a vet.. they said the same thing, so i was getting even more confused, but me and my boyfriend went to the petstore my dad got nacho from and they asked if we had or have had guinea pigs before because we seen this young male we were interested in, and i told the man we had a male we got from them a few months ago, and he straight away said no, we cannot sell single males to another male as they fight and we cannot risk our pet or your pets safety.. so i gave up came home and i really am just stuck on what too do!.
I do not have enough room in my bedroom for two LARGE cages if we have to seperate them, i build nacho a pen attached to his cage so now his cage is half of my room lol. But im getting worried about him being alone, but i still don't think i could deal with fighting and seperating males. See what got me worried was that nacho sleeps on and off all day then just runs around but he does seem to just plump himself down in the middle of his cage and sleep and i thought it was boredum, but hes got alot of toys, boxes, hay, veggies and also alot of room for one piggy.
What should i do?

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I have introduced personally over 100 pairs of strange males of all different ages. Your teacher and vet have no idea what they're talking about. Will all of them? No, it's definitely a matter of their individual personalities. But if you go over to Guinealynx and GuineaPigCages, there are literally thousands of pairs of males living together that were introduced from different litters.

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The "two males won't get along/will fight with each other" thing is a myth. Female guinea pigs can fight just as much as males.

I currently have two male guinea pigs that get on like a house on fire. The main things that make them fight when you have two or more males together are:
1.) not being introduced properly and
2.) not having enough space/resources (by resources I mean food bowls, water bottles, hay racks etc)
3.) being housed close to females

Here are some links to sites that give the correct method of introducing two guinea pigs of either gender

But remember that even if you follow these introductions to the letter there is still a chance that the second pig you get may not like your current pig and that because of this they may need to be kept separately (but that is just as likely to happen with females as it is with males).

On a personal note, I've found that if the second male that you get is younger than the first (as in under a year old) the other male is more likely to except the newcomer.

Hope this helped

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I can defo see where you both are coming from as i have heard of males being introduced. It's just getting a baby from a petstore and taking a chance of them not getting along would be something that is a big risk. Esp when room is concerned as i am not one of these owners who believe in throwing a guinea pig into a hutch or a small PS cage. So i really am at two minds on what too do. I know there is a bigger chance of them getting along, its just that smaller one that is in my way.

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I think you just need to introduce them to each other and make sure there is 2 of everything and they should get along pretty well. They might fight sometimes, but its better than fighting all the time. Also, if he's getting bored maybe you should take him out and play with him longer than you normally do. I hope this helped

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I think they are confusing guineas and mice lol

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