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The new cage looks fabulous as well!

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is a little "special"
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They adorable! And I am SO jealous of your cage... I wish my mom would let me build a NIC one :/

BTW, do they like the bell pepper in their salad? I give some to Dudley once in a while, but I never thought to give it to my piggers!

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My guinea pig loves bell pepper. Red Bell Pepper is actually an awesome source of Vitamin C. If it's from the grocery store, though, you need to be careful, I found out not too long ago that the usual bell pepper you get in the grocery store is one the most popular fruits that retain pesticide residue. So for bell pepper you seriously either want to go Organic or grow your own.
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FlickeringHope, would freezing them be okay for them? I do that myself for cooking ones are sooo expensive here, I can't imagine how ridiculously expensive organic ones would be! My in-laws grow them and so does a local Amish guy.

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The thing about fruits and veggies, unless they have a hard rind, is their skin absorbs what touches it, just like our very own skin does. Skin is a huge sponge that absorbs the chemicals from what gets sprayed, or smeared, or rubbed onto it. I have a long-standing debate with my dad that washing off veggies and fruit actually "washes off" any of the pesticides that were used on it. He says it does, I say it doesn't. My fiance proved my theory to be more accurate by putting food coloring on the outside of a whole apple. He cut it open, and the food dye had absorbed into the meat of the apple. I honestly think by the time you buy produce at the grocery store, and eat them, or give them to your pets, it's already too late. The produce has already soaked in the pesticides, and no amount of rinsing or washing or scrubbing is going to help.

Freezing might help, but I can't really say for sure, :/ You might wanna try some studies done on the efficacy of freezing pesticides. Farmer's markets are generally real cheap. We have a guy that's selling his produce at our Farmer's market, and the only reason he can't say it isn't organic, is because he uses fertilizer. But bugs were landing on the produce and weren't dying. The produce wasn't shiney(like produce normally is when sprayed with pesticides), and there were bug bite marks, and other abrasions. But it tastes good! So much better than the exact same produce at the grocery store. So really, if you can, check out your farmer's markets, ask them how their produce is grown, buy as much as you can, and you can dehydrate extra to rehydrate and use later. Farmer's markets, and your local Amish guy and your in-laws would be much more cheaper than grocery stores put high price tags on produce and especially organic produce for a reason. :/

Honestly, what you can do is try freezing store-bought bell peppers, and eat them in comparison to bell peppers from your in-lawns, and your local Amish guy. Whichever one tastes better, go for that.

Red bell peppers are expensive because they're actually the matured variety, and thus take longer to mature Green bell peppers are immature peppers.

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Bell peppers are actually the very favorite of my guys!!

Hmm, I didn't know that about the pesticides. Thanks for sharing that!! I like your experiment with the apple and food coloring. Very interesting...


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