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Question degloved rats tail. advice

well im some what new to rat keeping, and had a bit of an accident tonight, and needed some advice. last week i purchased my first set of rats (betty and lucy) well needless to say, betty came down with a horrible eye infection a few days after having her, and the place we bought her from gaurantees them for 15 days. So she was sent to the vet on saturday morning free of charge. Well today we find out she needed surgery to remove the eye, and the store we bought her from just had her put to sleep without telling us....

so, they gave my husband a new rat today. well muffins (thats what we named her) comes home, my husband goes to take her out of her box to put her in the cage and she leaps off, and runs under my 55 gallon fish tank stand. Well we were both frantic, we feared the cats getting at her. We tried for 45 minutes to get her out. well, i finally get ahold of her, go to put her back in the box to put her in the cage, and she slips and out of instinct i tried grabbed her again as she fell, and got ahold of the tip of her tail... well she twisted all funny to get away, and an inche of her tail (the skin not the whole tail) came off! We finally got her in the cage, but her poor tail. Shes now in the cage hiding in her little box, but i dont know what to do. i feel like the worst rat mommy ever, its just not my day. first betty gets put down, and now this. i did some research, and it said to leave it be, and it will dry out and fall off... should i clean it in the meantime? put any neosporin on it? clean it daily? what should i expect? she didnt bleed much from it, but did a little bit in the cage.
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I am sorry that this happened to this rattie. Never should a rat be grabbed/picked up by the tail. The natural flight instinct is to deglove the tail. I am guessing that you know this since you said that you did research after the fact.

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i know you are never to grab them by their tails. Ive kept gerbils and mice in the past, so i always knew not to. I had a good hold on her, and she flipped out of my hand because she was so scared, and with my cats right there, i freaked as she went to fall and out of instint to grab her again i got ahold of her tail... i let go as soon as i realizedi had ahold of it, but it was too late. i just feel awful.
she seems ok today. really scared and still hiding in her little box, but i did check on her tail and it seems ok today. its not bleeding at all or anything.
should i clean it with warm water or anything else?? any neosporin?

this was a complete accident and i just feel awful about it, especially after i lost my betty yesturday today. i feel like the worst rat mommy ever!
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i'm so sory to hear about your loss of Betty, and now Muffins' tail. i would suggest bringing her into the vet. maybe find a new vet if you feel the vet assocoiated with the pet store is no good. they will put Muffins on antibiotics and that way it won't get infected.
(when i first got one of my little girl rats her tail was bitten off at the end cause she was a really tiny runt and the bigger rats in the cage at the petstore were biting at her!!! she had bites everywhere she is fine now but needed antibiotics like Baytril to heal. they thought her tail was going to fall off too, but it didn't.

anyway- i would take your girl to the vet so they can put her on baytril or another antibiotic. that's just my suggestion, having had problems with rat's tails before. good luck in whatever you decide! and remember that accidents happen, imagine how bad you would have felt had your cat gotten a hold of her

is she in the cage with Lucy now? she should probably have the companionship of a friend with her so she will be less scared.

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I'm Sorry I wasn't attacking you I truly feeo bad for Muffins. I know your own terror of the thought of your cat getting hold of your beloved pet was immense. Please take Muffins to vet.. it may help her pain and antibiotics may be dispensed to prevent infection from an open wound.
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i agree with degucrazy degloved rat should go to a vet. it is a recipe for infection. the vet will probably give some anti biotics and thats all. nothing serious as long as there is no infection.

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ok, so i found a vet i felt more comfortable with, and took muffins in today. They said to let the tail dry out, they didnt prescribe her any antibiotics, and told me if it started to look inflammed or ozzy or started to bleed again, then to bring her back and they would put her on them, but he said not much of the tail was degloved, and if the cage is kept clean, it should dry up soon and fall off.....

i still feel awful about it. just looking at it reminds me of what i did... i know it was a complete accident, and if the cats would have gotten ahold of her, it would have been alot worse, but i just feel awful. i can only imagine the pain.

and no hard feelings degucrazy. i didnt think you were attacking me, ive just had a bad week... its been like one thing after another over here. first monday i had a big exam in my psyc class, then that night had to take my son to the urgency care cause he a rash all over his body (to find out the cats had flea's and hes allergic to them!) and then wed. spent the whole day bug bombing and getting the cats groomed... and then thursday betty has this awful eye infection.. and then loosing betty... i felt like we should have been given the option to pay for her eye to be removed then to put her down and then tell us. sorry for ranting... its just been a long week.

thanks everyone for all of the awsome advice! I cant wait to get to know all of you... and i'll post pictures up soon of muffins and lucy!

one last thing... since this happened to muffins, im probably going to have trust issues with her for awhile... is there anything i should do?

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Our vet here (my boss) would amputate the degloved part and put the rat on antibiotics. Leaving the tail degloved is indeed a reciepe for disaster. It DOES need amputation to prevent any infection that may have already started from spreading

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i agree. maybe get another vets opinion.

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