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Emergency: Rat Delivery! Complications

I rescued a rat a few weeks ago, and it turns out she was pregnant, now we are having problems.. I found her last night at 10:30 pm *its now almost 11am Last night she was having problems I noticed, as what was sticking out of her was NOT a baby, I wasn't even 100% sure she was expecting until a few days ago, while before I suspected she was..now I'm sure...

When I went to her cage, she was up at the bars biting them *a new habit just started a few days ago when she started escaping* and I took her out and noticed the protrusion...she did not want me to put her down *which is odd, because she doesn't like being picked up* And from what I know about animal births, generally, there is a protrusion, then it comes, and it looked like it had been there atleast 10 minuets, so I attempted to pull with her, i grabbed it, and massaged her belly, and she would push a bit, then rest, this went on for a bit with her sitting in my lap for a bit, and she acted like she wanted to take over, and she started to eat it, I wasn't concerned because I personally would rather have her alive then a baby...but..it still wasn't a baby! It was just a lump of flash pretty much, with blood vessels and such, I then went back to pulling, as we were about an inch out and I noticed a white mass inside, I presumed to be a dead baby, I let it go so she could finish, and when she bent down to pull it out..the whole thing went back in! I've been nervous ever since, I moved her to a smaller cage next to my bed at around midnight, but after the baby went back in, she started to move around more and started acting more normal..which worried me.. if shes got a dead baby, it HAS to come out NOW!

I also felt my first baby kick last night! I palpated her tummy days before and didn't feel anything, too abnormal..But I felt the one kick..

She slept with me for a few hours, then I put her in her cage to see if there would be any changes..I woke up every hour or 2 and peaked over at her, and she was sleeping soundly most of the time...So this morning I brought her downstairs with me to monitor her..and she was acting lethargic..not slow so much, and just a little sleepy..then I noticed some poraphin around an eye and she just looked a little worse, so I drew her a warm bath to set her in and soften her up some, at first she didnt want it, but shes hairless and loves the warm, so she settled in my hands and then I took her out, dried her off, and set to work on helping her push...I noticed old blood from her vulva, so cleaned her up..i took some q-tips and cleaned, then got one wet with warm water and stuck it in a couple millimeters and gently pushed down to stimulate a push, it worked *I'm now thankful I learned that from a foster dog we had to assist* some blood came out, and i cleaned her up, gave her kisses, and started to massage her belly, I expelled her bladder and she seemed more comfortable, and pushed again, after a few pushes, let her rest, then asked again, I saw something but it went back in, and after that, she was too tired so right now shes resting in her cage by the wood stove taking a little nap *remember, I JUST put her in there, googled rat forum, clicked the first one and here I am.so shes getting more exhausted..*

I do not have a small animal vet, so i'm all on my own here..I just know that once we get one out, it will start moving faster...When I palpated her belly again a little while ago while massaging her, I actually felt one moving into place..


**Just so you know, I copy and paste this from another forum..so time is a little off, as its now almost 11:30 am, i'm just trying to get answers as fast as possible**
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can't think of one, help
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I'm afraid I can't help, as I don't know anything about this. But hope it turns out okay


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Everyone is probably going to tell you to take her to a vet. I know you don't want to hear that but it's probably the best thing. I don't know where you live but maybe you can call the next town over and just try to find a small animal vet. You could post on www.rmca.org or www.ratsrule.com (I only mention them because they have a lot of knowledgable people that could help you quickly) but they'll probably tell you to take the rat to a vet.

Sorry I can't add much else because I have no experience with rats giving birth.

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Thumbs up

I called up my vet, and they are aware of the problems I'm having, and while they are leery about trying anything *they don't want to be responsible if they kill her..* The suggestion came up again of oxiticin (sp?) and seeings how theres still nothing, and she isn't visibly in labor anymore I'm going to wait a little longer...

Last night, I found a better way to get multiple strong contractions, I saw one crown, but every time she relaxes from one contraction to go into the next, it slides back down, and when I tried to get another contraction, I couldn't get one...She was getting really pale and weak by that time, so I just tried a few more times, then quit...

By later last night at around 24 hours, she started eating and drinking again....By this morning all color has returned and shes been eating lots of salty corn chips to help with contractions, I think maybe that was part of it, she had low sodium, as she showed no signs of being preggers before, I didn't change her diet, I haven't started up again this morning yet as I want to make sure shes got the nutrients she needs to do this..but I'm sure we'll beat this....
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You cant leave her to go much longer if she hasnt given birth you are gonna have to take her to the vet or the likeliness is she will die anyway! There is obviously a problem that is stopping her giving birth naturally and that problem needs sorting,she may well need a cesarean to get the babies out,not only will the babies in her die of the distress but it may well kill her too if it is left much longer!!

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Oxytosin is the hormone they were talking about, which is a hormone that encourages contractions and milk let-down.

Please, take it to a vet asap. If it's not having contractions the babies cannot simply sit in there - they die, and will rot inside of her. It is painful and infection is highly likely now.

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About 15 minuets ago we got the dead baby out, it seemed to be to be larger than it was supposed to, and when I palpated her yesterday and found that i thought it was breech, i was right, that was the one...I have pictures of the dead baby, its kinda half mauled, but the head is perfect...so sad, but I'm trying to find the silver lining, thats one less baby I have to worry about to find a home for, and after, I don't have to worry if its being abused, it also now has no change to be neglected...in a way..its lucky

We should be able to have a normal pregnancy from here..I can't believe its been 41 hours...

But she is having contractions now, and shes had milk since yesterday, shes all ready, and once she gets that placenta *she may have already and I just missed it, as she was eating something* that will give her the hormone she needs...shes seems to have caught her second wind
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http: //smg.photobucket. com/albums/v300/fishyhelper288/Rodents/Rats/Baldies/Pregnancy/

Copy paste for pictures..obvious space, connect them without space to go to it..

Pictures of mama in her birthing cage as well as the pup
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just wanted to let you guys know that shes been fine for a while, just a very lovie girl, nice and plump now lol..already been in heat twice I believe, as much as I know...shes been at a friends for a week as I've been gone, and I'm anxious to have her back lol, going through rat withdrawals majorly..
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Well it seems to me that you had a very tough time with your little baba huh? Anyway hope everything goes better next time ( if there is a next time )
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not sure if there will be a next time for her, but its been a while, maybe I'll see in 2 weeks how her weight and such is, and see about breeding her for a planned litter..

I've got homes for 12 babies need be...but I'll only breed her once for a planned breeding, and she will never have a chance with me to have an unplanned one..so..yeah....

it seems as if she'll have small litters, so thats good, and she was very attentive to cleaning the dead babies, until she realized they were dead...and I have lots of experience raising very young rodents...so either way..idk..lol..

I would definitely have to get my cage finished before though...VERY large cage fit for probably around 15 rats comfortably..all for 3 rats lol
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If you don't have a vet nearby that can do the surgeries needed if your rat has an emergency (like she just had), why would you breed them?

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I agree with Jennicat. With all the complications she just had, she doesn't seem like a good candidate for breeding. I'd be worried she might not survive another labor.
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found a new vet and already spoke to them on the phone...

shes got a checkup coming up next month *only time I could get her in for a routine* That will be the deciding factor of if shes able, she'll have some extensive work done to be sure there was no damage....thanks for your concern though
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