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Thumbs up new So Cal rattery! let us know what you like!

Looking for a special breed of rat that is handeled from birth and is bred for quality and you live in So Cal

we are going to be expections a litter or 50% Siamese and 50% hairless all dumbos by the end of Feb. fill out an adoption ap and let us know if your looking for somthing special

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What I would like is a rattery that is ethical, responsible and breeding for the whole rat overall, not asking what the adopter would like.

Most breeders do not use hairless in their lines due to all the issues they have. And now i totally understand why, having 4 special needs nakie rats from a "breeder". They are going to be expensive and unadoptable, and labour intensive all their lives because they were bred. I would really re-consider your hairless line.

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I was given some hairless rats from a breeder not far from me and they did wonderful,, the original ones have since passed on but I do have a daughter from them and am breeding her to a male that is normal haired but who's mom was a hairless, her babies are being nursed by another mom,, I usually dont sell them untill they are at least 3X the size of a mouse and show no signs of sickness, I feed a really good diet and have had the babies live up to a year. Thier life span is short due to the gene that makes them hairless also affecting the liver or is it kidneys i dont rember Ill have to look it up again unless anyone can answer that before I find it.
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My intentions on asking what people are looking for is because i know it was very hard for me to find the breed of rat i wanted in orange county (hairless male). there are not many special rat breeders out here. Well not many i would trust to buy from. I'm wondering what peoples favorite breeds are so that i may help a family looking for there special new addition. Yes it is true that hairless rats don't seem to live as long as most other rats But like many other breeds... lets say dogs for example.some dont have as long of a life lifespand as others breeds of dogs. (a small dog vs. a greatdane (great danes live up to around 10 or so years of age.)

we do not breed rats for the money. Rats are inexpensive and would not be a good money maker lol! We do it for the fun of it (the genetics of breeding) i have had many hairless rats in my life only but a few i had to take in to my work to be seen by my doctor. Im not sure if you had a bad experience in the past with a hairless but you must have not got a quality rat.. all of our rats have a wonderful clean bloodline.

It seems you are accusing me of irresponsible breeding and or breeding without the rats care in mind. witch is NOT the case! Iwork as a veterinary tech and have access to all the medical care i would ever need.this is a hobby. NOT my job lol!
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How about, instead of breeding more rats, you try taking in rescue rats that are abandoned in shelters and adopting those out instead?

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MandM Rattery does indeed take in shelter rats aswell. we have rehomed more rats then i can count. we have them on our up for adoption page.

hmmm i feel a bit attacked on this site. maybe paw talk is not for M and M Rattery.......i feel like im spending more time trying to defend myself rather then chatting and meeting other rat lovers like i am..people are juding me without even knowing me.

Im not going to toot my own horn. and try and convince anyone of anything. all i ask is before anyone tries to place M and M Rattery in any catagorie is that you get to know us and what we actually do lol.. u might be suprised XD
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