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Rat pregnancy help

Sorry, I should have posted this here...

Well, here's a tough one for you...

Me and my partner bred two of our rats on the 28th February at around 11pm. Please be aware, we did find homes for the rat babies before we even put the parents together.

My doe, Lily is 6 months old and this is her first litter. She is a good sized doe and has a lovely temperament. We also moved her into a seperate cage this time last week.

Now, it's her 23rd day of pregnancy today and still no babies. There are no signs of stress, nor illness and she's been toileting and eating. She is still active (Nowhere near as much as she usually is!) she sleeps alot of the time. Her belly is bulging and she has been licking her privates alot/nest building. She is a pear shape and we can feel the babies moving/their heartbeats so they are fine. They arn't moving as much as i've seen some move in video's on youtube however.

Is it possible she could have fertilized late? Wesker, the father is 9 months old and this will be his first litter also. Both parents are healthy and there are no signs of emergeny so we're not considering the vets, yet. I've read somewhere they can fertizlise late, but I can't find the site again. Any help would be appreciated.

Dren x
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if you see that the babies arent moving as much anymore , I highly suggest bring her to a vet , she may need a c-section!

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rat pregnancy help

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