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Unhappy Skinny Rat . . . what should I do?

Recently one of my ratties(Valentino) has begun to rapidly lose weight. I am still feeding him on his regular schedule and even giving him more food than usual but he continues to lose weight. He has already been to the vet three times (not for weight loss though) and my parents have refused to take him again. This is a huge and surprising problem since Val has weighed up to a hefty 1lb & 3ounces previously. Any suggestions as to what to feed him and other related information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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How old is he? Any lumps or anything? Is he eating the same amount (or more/less) than usual?

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He's about 5 1/2 years old (which is relatively old) and has no lumps or bumps of any kind. I'm pretty sure that he's also eating a little less than he has previously.
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Becki, can rats have Nutri-Cal? Might be something to add and could help keep his strength up. It sounds like he's just fading due to age ...
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Yes, rat's can have nutrical, you might try giving him some of that Sara. He is very old for a rat, you're lucky to have had him so long, I've never had a rat stay with me to that age! It sounds to me like he's just getting old too, as they get older they lose weight and slow down.

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Ok, I'll try that, thanks for the help!
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Good luck on trying to figure things out. I hope everything works out for the best, I hope my girls live longer than 2-3 yrs. I can't imagine not having them around, you are very lucky to have had him this long.
Hoping and Praying for the best. Let us know how things go.

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Hi there:
That is wonderful and almost unheard of for a rat to live that long nowa days! Can I make a suggestion here? Do check his teeth too because maybe he can no longer chew well, Are they too long or looking okay? Feed him some whole wheat bread, soya milk and some baby mixed cereal everyday and maybe some yogart for his tummy, Frozen green peas because all rats love them, a little honey is good for extra ebergy too. Children's Echinecia as well. Hope this helps a little and good luck with him.

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