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Chlorinated Water and Rabbits


Today I would like to take the liberty of giving you an observation of using city water which has all the chemicals that the health departments require.
We are on well water here so this observation is my own personal experience.

This past Saturday thru Tuesday I was in Peoria, Il. for the National Rabbit Convention. By Monday morning I was noticing an extraordinary amount of wrinkles and severely dehydrated skin even though I took water from home and drank close to gallon a day like I normally do.

After arriving back home and getting back to normal healthy water in the shower, the wrinkles actually disappeared before I had a night's sleep. I am convinced it is from all the chemicals in the city water and the dehydration these chemicals
seem to cause. As we say time and time again, the skin is the largest organ in the body and also the most absorbent. So obviously these chemicals were certainly absorbed by my body with not very nice results.

It occurred to me that rabbits drink this type of chemically laden
water. We get several emails and/or calls a year telling us that their rabbit is dehydrated and they don't know why. We know for sure chlorinated water is a good part of the
reason for dehydrated babies in a lot of those cases and probably for the parents as well.

Here is the medical definition of chlorine: "an extremely pungent
gaseous element with antiseptic and bleaching properties. It is widely used to sterilize drinking water and purify swimming pools. In high concentrations it is toxic; it was used in WW I as a poison gas in the trenches".

Chlorine in high concentrations is used as rat and mice poison.
Frankly, rabbits are very small animals and over the years the build up of toxic chlorine within the body has to be a consideration in a rabbit's health. Most of our customers have a
filtering system on their home water that removes this dangerous
substance from their rabbit's water, but I just wanted to remind you because the evidence was so vivid to me.

About this fluoride. This is one of the most lethal chemicals to be
introduced to the American public there is. This chemical is a waste product from the aluminum industry. It actually removes the calcium from bones as well as has a numbing effect of the central nervous system. This product was used in the Soviet Union by Stalin to control the prisoners in the gulags. It is being
administered to our elementary and high school children in drop form once a month, however every parent has to sign off that this is approved by them for the "benefit of their child's teeth". Ever wonder why it is being used in this country? Make sure your filters take this out too.

If you have a filtering system for your rabbits and not for yourselves, it really would behoove you to look into this for the health and well being of your family. Go to the internet and research. We frankly don't know what the "best" filtering systems are because we never had to worry about it and research it.

Just thought you ought to think about this again like I did. There is just no possible way this city water can be good for your rabbits and other pets or for yourselves.



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