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Question Its getting close to on fur

need info on how my bunny's fur is changing?
how do i know when his winter coat is gunna grow or not grow?
do mini rex's fur get thicker or stay the same?
whats the first thing i notice?

advice needed?


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Ive no idea.. but i think most animals that are exposed to the changing seasons will get a thicker coat.. they might first lose some fur.. so you might notice him shed more.. you might want to brush him a bit more often? sorry Ive no idea

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My rabbits usually shed more during any kind of temperature change, so when it goes from hot to cold, or cold to hot, they start shedding. Rabbits do grow a denser, warmer winter coat when it's cold, but I can't really tell the diffrence between my rabbits fur in the summer compared to it in the winter, it looks/feels the same to me. But then again, if you keep your rabbit in the house and the temperature in your house is constant then they might not even grow winter fur.

Like Angelnstuff said, keep an eye out for shedding, and brush him if he starts to shed a lot, to help remove some of the excess hair.
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is a little "special"
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Smudeg just finished his big molt! Thank God! Hehe, I was up to my eyeballs in bunny fuzzies!

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lol...ok but thumper goes from my moms house to my bf's house and to church sometimes speaking of traveling i bought a doggy carrying bag and thumper seems to love chewing on mom paid for his xrays but wouldnt allow them to give him vaccinations becuz she didnt have enough money for it and i need to vaccinate him to walk him on a do they sell bunny carrying bags?....i need a job and i need one fast so i can vaccinate him and get a good vet for him.

thumper hates the ac he jumps into my arms when i open the bf loves cold air...thumper when he's cold snuggles under my arm and stays there sleeping.

Happy Mommy To A Boy Mini Rex Named Thumper

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Did the vet your mom took him to recommend vaccinations?? I'm just asking, because most vets in the US don't vaccinate rabbits. It's much more common in the UK for rabbits to be vaccinated against Myxomatosis and Viral Haemorrhagic Disease. For awhile the vaccinations weren't even available in the US, because we haven't had as much of a problem with those diseases here. Both those diseases are much more common in the UK then they are here.

I've never gotten any of my rabbits vaccinated, and have never had a vet recommend it to me. If your vet recommends it though, you should have it done when you can because it might be that there are more cases of those diseases in your area.

I've never seen a carring bad made just for rabbits. I use a carrier designed for a small dog for my rabbits. I've been lucky and they haven't chewed it up at all yet. What kind of material is your carrier made of? Maybe you could try one made of something else to see if he chews it less.
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I didnt think it was needed for buns to be vaccinated in the US. I live in the UK and both my buns have had all the jabs they need including Myxy. It is ripe over here and a few weeks ago 30 pet rabbits were put to sleep because they have myxy and the owners didnt vaccinate. My boys are safe and have to be re-done every 6 months so they have to go back in April now!!

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That is odd. My guys are not vaccinated either. The vet never said anything about vaccines when they were fixed or at Oliver and Ophelia's one year check up. What kind of vaccinations does the vet want to give him?

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