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Rabbit Temperature

What Is The Ideal Temperature To Keep You Rabbit In?
When You Keep The Rabbits Outside What Can You Do To Keep Them Cool?
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The average body temperature of a rabbit is between 99.1 and 102.9 degrees F. Rabbits don't tolerate heat very well, so if you keep them outside make sure that they always have acess to a dark, cool place where they can get away from the heat and access to water. Some people put frozen water bottles in the rabbits shelter to keep them cool, however I'm not expert because I keep my rabbit indoors.

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Personally, and I don't know numbers, but I find my bunnies do ok outside on a warm day. I think it was about 20-25 degress celcious that day and only on a leash for about a half hour. I keep my bunnies inside to live, as well, but rabbits can adjust to outside temp on a slow level with plenty of shade.
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Like the others have said, rabbits dont tolerate heat very well. When it gets in the upper 80s (in *F) you need to bring bun-bun in, or else you risk heat stroke.
My rabbit Smudge has been outside most of his life (he is indoors now though), and its really important to keep them in a shady, cool area. My hutch is completely sheltered by trees, and just that shade kept it a good 10 degrees cooler back there. Another good way to keep cool is to fill a milk jug with water, freeze it, and put it outside on a hot day. Its kinda like putting AC in your hutch, and bunny can lean against it when he gets hot... Or he can have a blast tearing it apart like Smudge. Putting a small fan out there (just make sure your bun cant chew the chord), putting icecubes in their water or just on the floor, and lightly misting them and thir hutch with cool water can help too. But the best option for hot weather is just to keep them inside! Good luck

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If it gets too hot, my rabbits sit in carriers in the house and go back outside in the evening when it cools down. My rabbits have runs where they can lay underneath their hutches on ceramic tiles where it is cooler. The frozen water bottle idea works great, but they do sweat, so I put them inside litter boxes. I don't use regular tarps for shade because they hold in the heat. Menards sells cargo tarps that are like screens that allow for airflow, and the heat can escape. Mosquito netting might also work for shade, but I haven't tried that one yet.

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Bring your bunny inside if it gets in the 80s+ degrees or make sure that they have some part of the cage that is shaded. My friend has rabbits that are always outside and she lives in Michigan and keeps them out all winter. The only bad thing is not the temperature, but the animals that try to get into the hutch.

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If you can put something on top to the roof of your hutch for insulation, that also helps to keep the temperature lower inside of the hutch.
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