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Exclamation STOP breeding rabbits!

Yes, baby bunnies are ADORABLE, but places like shelters and rescue agencies are overflowing with unwanted, homeless bunnies. Even check sites like " or because they are full of "unwanted rabbits free to a good home". There are too many rabbits out there already, so why contribute to the problem? The unselfish thing to do is to STOP letting your rabbits breed, STOP buying from petstores, and ADOPT your bunnies!


I just took in an unwanted bunny who was kept in pretty crappy conditions, and its so upsetting knowing that people are letting their males and females mate, while theres tons with awful, or even NO homes.

PLEASE spread the word!
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I'm pretty sure your mostly just preaching to the quire one here breeds rabbits (that I know of), and most have rescues.

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Originally Posted by Dragonrain View Post
I'm pretty sure your mostly just preaching to the quire one here breeds rabbits (that I know of), and most have rescues.
I wouldnt have posted it if I didn't know about people doing it, and ive even read (in these forums) about people wanting to find a "girlfriend" or "boyfriend" for their buns with intent to breed them. I only posted it because I was concerned, and a lot of it goes on in my area. I havnt met anyone personally who has a rescued rabbit.
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Oh, yeah okay. I haven't seen anyone talking about breeding their rabbits on here lately, which is a good thing (unless I missed a topic somewhere).

A decent amount of people with rabbits on here have rescue rabbits. My Barnaby was a rescue, of sorts. I didn't get him from a shelter but from a family who didn't want him anymore. He wasn't in very good shape when I got him but he's a healthy little guy now

Good luck with your new little one.
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I was talking to a vet who believes that the biggest problem is those people who refuse to get their pets altered because they want their children to go through the experience of having a litter of baby animals. These are the bunnies that usually end up in shelters, unlike the bunnies of responcible breeders.

I live in a major city and all rabbits at the shelter have been altered. The major pet store chains sell rescue rabbits, and it is difficult to find a bunny in a pet store. However, once you get about 50 miles out of the city, things are different. Bunnies are sold at farm supply stores and shelter rabbits in these rural counties are not altered! Big problems come when a breeder (usually of meat rabbits) is shut down for cruelity to animals, and rabbits are brought to the city for rescue organizations to deal with. (A cruelity case is more of a mental health problem then a breeder issue.) Then the rescue organization end up trying to rehab these unsocialized rabbits that don't make the best house pets.

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I can't even have a rabbit...soo wont be me...breeding rescue or otherwise

I adore buns too!

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Unsocialized rabbits, with dedication and work, can sometimes turn around to make some of the best house pets, from my experience. And sometimes even the most socialized rabbits still don't enjoy human interaction.

Rabbits definatly do have their own little personalities and they usually arn't the cuddly animals people think they are.
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Flash is the truest form of rescue - I found him literally wandering on the street one night. It was pretty obvious he wasn't a wild rabbit by the way he was going around sniffing leaves and grass, trying to figure out if any of it was edible. If I hadn't picked him up and brought him home, there's no doubt in my mind that he would have been roadkill by morning or else starved to death within a couple of days.

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is a little "special"
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Smudge is semi-rescued...
I got him from a breeder that didnt want him (there was an add int the paper), and was selling him really cheap because his markings made him un-showable. I was only 9 years old when I bought him, so I didnt really know much about the local shelters, or spaying/nuetering. xD
(BTW, the place I got him from wasnt a bad back-yard breeder... she took really good care of her animals, promoted fixing your buns, and said she would take any unwanted rabbit back so they dont end up in shelters.)

Sooo would that count as rescued, or not?? He was adopted from a place that didnt want him, so thats good enought for me! ^^

Baby bunnies are adorable, but if Smudge is still bouncing off the walls and leaving trails of destruction where ever he goes at 5 years old, I cant even imagine having baby bunnies hopping around!

I think it would be neat to adopt or foster an already prego bun from the shelter tho. Then you can have babies, and still be doing a good thing!

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My first bun was like Flash - a stray. She was right in front of my car. It was either run her over or get out of the car and pick her up.
After she passed away we went to the SPCA and picked out two young bunnies. They weren't tiny babies but they were not full grown.
The SPCA brings animals to the local PetSmart on the weekends. That is where I met Penelope. She was always friendly and would come to the edge of her cage when some one talked to her. She was there week after week. One Saturday it was obvious she had given up. I tried to talk to her and she didn't budge. Others came over and still she didn't budge. I talked it over with Jay and went back to get her.
Teddy was another stray that was found by a friend in Central Park.
I joke that even though they have been spayed and neutered the buns in our house still seem to be multiplying!

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Will It Ever Change?
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i dont own a bun and can't due to allergies. but all my pets in my LIFE have been rescues. all dogs, cats, birds, a horse, my rats, mice, hammies, spinies, etc. i wouldn't do it any other way

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Acacia wasnt a rescue but i believe i rescued her from the family who was selling her,her brotheres, and her sister(who had an untreated broken leg trying to escape the tiny cage) and the family who gave her to me hadnt any idea to the questions i asked like when was the last time they seen a vet (never) and what veggies they ate(none) and when i told the mom i intended to spay her she stuttered into the phone and couldnt believe me....I got Acacia when she was about 4 months old and she still has a hard time trusting people

Akina was bred by a breeder but Dawna had her for the first 2 years or so-i only got her last November or December (?).

I will only support rescue from now on though,especially with bunnies..Im the only one who voted "no"..
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I'm the third "No". After reading online, I wanted to get a rabbit from a shelter but there weren't any nearby that I could drive back quick enough without frightening the poor rabbit. Plus Nino caught my attention from the first day I spotted her
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Just FYI if you decide to get Nina a friend, rabbits travel well. We transport rabbits for drives of 8 hours or more to get them to good homes. Overall, they travel fairly well, they'll just hunker down and munch hay until the ride is over.

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Yeah I'd definatly second that! I've made long trips with two rabbits numerous times and they both always handled it very well.
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