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Junta Virus

Everytime I mention my rats to a friend she brings up junta virus junta virus, and I can't really find any information about it, anyone know about this?

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Try searching for it as "Hanta virus." I'm not sure if there is a difference but I just googled it and Hanta virus seemed to pick up more results.

From one of the sites:
"Neither common house mice nor common rats have been associated with HPS in humans." (I couldn't get the actual site to work but that sentence came up in the Google preview)

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I just did a google search and everything I found said it could only be transmitted by deer mice.

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Hunta virus: a virus found in rodent feces. Under dry conditions where clenaup activities may result in airborne dusts, the Hunta virus may be breathed by unprotected workers. Care should be taken to minimize dusts, provide respiratory protection to workers and to contain all dusts.

That's all I could find, I tried looking for it on dogpile.com
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Many kinds of rodents can carry Hanta virus, only a few, typically Deermice have been know to cause infections in humans. In one study in the NE US, approx 10% of the wild mouse population tested positive for it.

Look up the info on the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) website. Apparently the site is down right now, or I'd copy the links for you. Just do a search on their site for Hanta virus.


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