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Red face Blue blisters in ears

I had two cats with navy blue growths in their ears. One died two days ago of something the vet had diagnosed only as neurological. I'd brought her in because of lethergy and loss of appetite. After some VERY expensive blood testing, he said she had an elevated white cell count, indicating some kind of infection, and put her on antibiotics, first one, then another. Then she had a seizure...whereupon the "neurological" diagnosis. He had not seen these blister-looking growths in ears before, and I wonder what they are...if anyone has seen anything similar. They were numerous: most, approximately 3 mm in length, and usually of an oval shape. The skin around them was also stained blue in patches. I put nothing in her ears, and they did not appear to itch, though she would shake them if I touched them. These growths occurred only on the inside of the ears, not the outside...and nowhere else on her body.

Her best buddy has the same thing in only one of his ears. He has had problems with a dark discharge from one of his ears from time to time. I treat him for this when it crops up, using first an ear cleanser, then an antibiotic / steroid preparation designed specifically for ears.

Both of these cats have white background fur...but they have been totally indoors since they were kittens, so sun damage is very unlikely. My deceased Pretty Girl was white with red tabby patches. Fat Schyler is a cream tabby colorpoint. Pretty Girl was just turned 15, and Schyler is about two years older.
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sorry to hear about yor loss it does sound strange with the surcumstances it could be some sort of viral infection coulour does have something to do with things in certain cases but saing that ive got a whie boxer who isnt deaf or has skinm cancer and shes gone six! could your cat be inbred i know its a taboo subject but many animals are id change your vet as hes not sorted it out sometimes if theirs plenty of pss insrance money they will keep you guessing
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Thanks, tracyrosie!
One of the two vets I use has been around a long time: the other is newer, but still has been in practice 8-10 years. Since neither one had seen this stuff before, I guess my guys have something rare. I just wonder if it had anything to do with Pretty Girl's demise. I don't really think so, but I would surely like to identify it, anyway. I agree with you...mostly suspect it began with that hit & run virus she caught. Years ago, I had 4 cats who caught what our vet at the time termed "rhino encephalitis" (obviously just a generic name that addressed what body parts were affected). Started with sneezes and ended with convulsions. I lost 2 of the 4. Just wish I could figure these blue blisters.
Thanks again!
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Woops...Inbred? Well, I don't know. Pretty Girl was a feral Aruban kitten. We brought her and her sister back with us when we returned to the 'States back in '92. The sister died of cancer several years ago. Their mama, a long-haired calico that someone had abandoned, had her litter under our house. Mama and all but these two were adopted by our neighbors there. These two were left because they were the shyest. We weren't going to leave them, so brought them back with us. Had to trap them. Growing up feral in Aruba wouldn't predispose one to good health. Exxon dumped lots of contaminants when that company owned the big refinery on the island.
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hi ferral cats seen to live in smallish groups so their could be a chance of inbreeding my niece keeps her horse on a farm and they have many ferral cats she said alot of them are inbred makes you wonder though if the cats have been near rays or mice or even caught some and ate them maybe it could have come from that what do you think these wild mice and rats prob have many diseases people dont know about?
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have you got any pics of these blisters id love to have a look
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Blue blisters in ears...


I found your post regarding blue blisters in your cat's ears....did you ever find out what this was? I have noticed this in one of my guys, his background color is white, kinda "cafe au lait" buff secondary fur color. I have never seen this before and am pretty worried. ANybody have any input?
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it seams that it could possibly have had a part in her death, do you have a vet school close by? here we have a vet school that has the best hospitial in our state... and you can take your pets there and have many expert ideas, they are very up to date on things, and having vet interns working there cost is kept lower... maybe you could take her there to see what it could be. they might run tests on whats filling the blisters?

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I've never heard of blisters in the ear before but I would definitely keep a good eye on things. Our kitten recently got a bad ear infection that resulted in some severe skin problems and a lot of sores. He's on antibiotics now but these things can come on very fast...

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I'm sorry for your loss but I'm afraid I can't really help, I've never heard of blisters like that in ears. Please keep us updated when you find things out and your cats will be in my thoughts xx

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ear infection

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