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upside down swimming fish

I have this oranda gold fish and for the past couple of weeks he has been swimming belly up. He is totally alive, he eats, swims and does everything belly up. He seems healthy and all, but isin't it unusual for him to flot, eat, swim this way? Can anyone explain to me why he is doing this. Thank you.
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I have heard of fish swimming upside down because of a ruptured swim bladder but that was a oscar. I would suggest that you have your water tested. Around this area PetSmart is the best place to go (or Congressional Aquarium)

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Thank you I asked the lady at the congressional aquarium place and she said that is was his swim bladder too, but she wasn't sure. Gosh is there anything that I can do for him?
I'll go get my water checked out at PetSmart or something soon just to make sure everything is ok. Sassy thank you.
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how long has he been like that?

I've had some fish in the past that have problems with their swim bladder for a short time then go back to normal. I hope your fish turns out ok.
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the fish has been doing this for almost a month now. I do hope that he gets better, he was one of the very first fish that I got when I started the aqarium. Wow, that was almost 1 1/2 years ago.
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awh, I hope he does get better. Try calling around asking at some of the aquatic specialty stores in the area. Sometimes the kids working the petco's and such may not know the nitty gritty things, you know? Look in the phone book for some numbers of specialy stores if you're unsure, hopefully you'll find one with some good suggestions that will help

Good luck!
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thank you I will look into it
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My gold fish has suffered from this lately. It's called "swimmers bladder" by an assistant manager to a pet store. He suggested that I feed mine shelled thawed frozen baby peas. My fish ate the peas (sometimes taking longer than I wanted him to) but was much better. You also may want to check if you are over-oxygenating the water. I had too large of an air stone for my tank so there was too much air in the water. Hope this helps!
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Thank you very much I think that it might be the air pump or something to the nature because I just put one in and that is when he started to swim upside down. Thank you very much for the help, I might also try the pea thing too.
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One more suggestion- some times it helps to place them in a shallower tank for a period of time and warm the water up to about 76-78 degrees. However, you would want to use a tank that is cycled so you do not have to deal with water quality issues as well. You can find more info on swimbladder disease at

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I am so sorry to hear about your fish...I hope all turns out well, please keep us updated!!
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thank you all for the suggestions. He is still swimming upside down, but he is eating regularly so I try no to worry too much. Once again i want to thank everyone for everything.

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