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Originally Posted by BarkingPup View Post
I've been looking up plant terrariums (really interested in keeping live plants in thar) and have some questions about keeping them.

I would assume since the lid should be mesh-y they would need to be watered. Or does misting do the trick for that?
Depends on the plant but yeah, I usually water them. The substrate holds water well so it's not something you have to do often (I use a mixture of soil and coconut fiber in my terrariums). I had a few tropical "air plants" which were never directly watered--I would mist them occasionally and that's it (they were in a very humid terrarium, though).

Originally Posted by BarkingPup View Post
Since you have to turn the aquarium sideways to accommodate the climbing, how in the world does the soil stay in there? Do you put some sort of guard over the front as well as the false bottom?
I stick to potted plants and plants I can grow on branches when it comes to crested geckos--for that reason! You might be able to get away with just having a thinner layer of substrate. Making a guard isn't a bad idea, though.

Originally Posted by BarkingPup View Post
Speaking of false bottoms; how in the world do you do that? I guess it's got holes in it or something to let the plants grow through? How do you attach it to the aquarium sides? What's it made of?
I wouldn't get so complicated if it's your first terrarium. A false bottom isn't necessary for just having a couple plants in a simple gecko set-up. Honestly, I only did that when I had dart frogs!

But if you're interested in doing something like that:

I'm not trying to discourage you from planting a ton of stuff and I'd love to see pictures if you get a set-up like that working . But I'd start slow and get experience first .

Oh, and an alternative to the false bottom is having a thick layer of gravel underneath the soil. It doesn't work quite as well and can be more maintenance but it's definitely simpler. I did that in my tree frog terrarium.

P.S. I think it's awesome that you're interested in trying live plants, I love seeing reptiles in terrariums--it looks so natural.


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Canadiancritter: thanks for the link! That would be awesome if you could offer the name of your supplier.

The tank is going in my living room so if it smells weird the cat litter will overpower it or I just won't mind XD

Sasami: I'm very excited to set up a live vivarium! I went to geckosunlimited forums and started poking around and they have a thread specifically for beginner live vivariums. I learned a lot there so hopefully I'll eventually have lots of gorgeous pictures to share here!

I think I'll just do a basic live vivarium; it is only a twenty gallon after all. Yeah, after reading up on false bottoms it seems very complicated for a first try... especially considering they suggest a dremel tool, styrofoam stuff, etc. I'm going to try to make my background outta cork... make it easy on my poor, handy-less abilities.

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