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Getting a leopard gecko soon

I keep hearing that a heating pad is required, and i hear that it is not, would a basking lamp suffice or do i need both the pad and lamp?
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I use a small heating bad on one side of the tank and leave a cool end for them

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a heating pad is completely necessary! Leos need belly heat to digest their food and if they don't have it, they may not be able to go potty! i'd put the heating pad on 1side of the tank so your Leo can get away from the heat if it wants
a heat lamp isn't really necessary unless your room or wherever you are keeping your Leo gets cold... i don't let my tank's temp go below 70degrees Fahrenheit... i use Night Glo 74watt Neodymium Moonlight Lamp with a dimmer setup... it doesn't get too hot for my Leos, it doesn't upset their eyes, it doesn't cause digestion or skin problems, and the Leos can't even see the blue/purple rays that come out, so you will have to find a different way to provide a day/night cycle..... i would highly suggest you do more research if you didn't already know the answer to this question! feel free to e-mail me
i own 2healthy Juvenile Leopard Geckos and they couldn't be in a better home... and if you're going to get a Leo, then you had better take proper care of it! i highly recommend you e-mail me!
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A heating pad with a thermostat or rheostat to control it is the optimal heat source for a leopard gecko. They can drop to room temperature at night, so long as your room is about 70F. (Don't use a heat pad without a controlling device, and use a thermometer with a remote probe to check temperatures--stick on dials are trash). 80F air temperature and 90F basking spot during the day. Ambient room light is fine so long as there's a window around, though you can use a perfectly ordinary fluorescent light on a timer if you like. Use paper towel, newspaper, or slate tile for the bedding, never any particle substrates such as sand. Provide dry hides and a humid hide with damp moss or paper towel in it. Use a quality calcium supplement on all feeder insects, using one that contains vitamin D3 once or twice a week.

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Like everyone else said - a heating pad controlled by a thermostat is the best way to heat a Leo enclosure. They actually don't require heat lights at all as long as you use a heating pad to control the temperatures.
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Yup, I use UTHs with thermostats for my leos too. Zoomed makes my favorite UTH, and Hydrofarm thermostats are great. They even have a built-in digital thermometer that is accurate.

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Double check Hydrofarm thermostats after they are switched off, however, there has been at least one issue with their not holding their set point and allowing power through at 100% after being switched off. May have been a faulty unit, but safety first.
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Thank you all! very informative! I am going to have both lamp and pad i think!
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