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Question Do dogs forget?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge in this matter.

A friend of mine is going to the US to live for a year and she is worried her dog will forget her, he is a two year old crossbreed.

He isn't moving but is living with her parents, where she used to live too.

I know it doesn't sound important but she really is desperately worried that he won't remember her on her return.

Has anyone any expereince of such a thing?


PS Anyone know if her horses will forget too?
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I've often wondered the same thing. I guess if something is traumatic enough they'd remember it. I also know that my brother moved away for about 8 months and when he came back, his jack russell went absolutely bursurk and definately remembered him. I think it helped that we let her cuddle up in old sweatshirts of his and sleep in his room.
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I don't believe that dogs forget. I think they have better memories than we all give them credit for.

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I used to go back and forth between my parents. We had pets at both houses. We spent the fall, winter, and spring with my dad
and the summer with my mother. We also switched everyother weekend throught the seasons. The pets never seemed to forget us.

I know that those are short time spans, but I thought it might encourage her.

I also like what bird said about her brother's dog.
I think it helped that we let her cuddle up in old sweatshirts of his and sleep in his room.
She should do something similar. Choose a favorite piece of clothing or a stuffed animal that has been close to her and give that you her dog. Then her family members can remind the dog of her with the item.

I also think that her horses will remember her. Like dogs I think they have good memories.

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No, I don't think the dog will forget her. My brother was in the Army and was stationed in Germany for 2 years. I kept his dog for him and when he came home the dog was sooooooo excited. She definitely remembered him after 2 years.

As far as the horse, I think that depends on how much time you spend with them. I was going through a life changing time, made a stupid decision and sold one of my horses. Two years later I called the person I sold my horse to and asked if I could buy her back. The lady was having some health issues and agreed to sell her back to me. When I went to get the horse, she recognized me when I called her name and came galloping over to the fence.

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My brother has been gone in the army nor for almost 8 months, f you ask my Mom's dogs were Jason is they still flip out. That is with out sweatshirts or anything!

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thats really cute.
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Actually, since dogs base most of their memories on smell and taste, you'd be amazed at their capacity for remembrance. I don't remember where I read it, but there was a comparative article between how humans recall memories of long ago when they smell or taste certain things, and the fact that dogs use those as their primary senses to recall things such as where they live, or even where and what not to eat. Remember, with a sense of smell at least seven times more powerful than the most astute human olfactory sense, they tend to retain information in a whole different way.
*Side note- I moved out of my mom's house at a fairly early age, right after they first got my dog bouncer. I didn't get to go back for almost two years, and when I returned, bouncer would hardly leave my side, except to eat of course. Give them credit, they're wonderfully good at what they do.*

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