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Important! This could affect all breeders and pet owners in VA, and soon in other!


HB 2927 -- Phone calls and emails! PLEASE FORWARD/CROSSPOST

HB 2927 would make dealers of just about everyone selling a pet in
Virginia and impose some truly nasty rules. This is an
astonishingly bad bill -- way the worst animal bill I've ever seen.
This email has full information.

We need to keep the pressure on. Have you emailed Del. Terry
Kilgore at to ask him to
WITHDRAW this unwise bill? Have you called his office at (804)
698-1001 to do the same? You can also fax to (804) 786-6310.

OUT OF STATE -- You CAN HELP. If we don't beat this, Virginia
is headed off the map, petwise, and your state could be next.
PLEASE help -- call, email, or fax -- or all three, as you like.

Those who are already pitching in -- THANK YOU!

You can find the summary of the bill at:

and the entire bill by clicking the blue line below 'Full text' at that
location. Plain text is *existing law*, italics are *new* law,
strikethrough indicates language taken out.

The summary of the bill says it only applies to 'for profit' sales.
Don't be fooled -- the bill itself is quite clear that any dealing for
compensation makes you a dealer, even if you lose your shirt.
And a survey of 8 counties (counties would do the enforcement)
indicated that they would all consider you a dealer if you sell
'regularly' (even once a year), regardless of real profit.

An HB 2927 'Cheat sheet' follows.

By defining anyone who sells a companion animal ('CA,' -- a dog,
cat, mouse, bird, anything with a spine that isn't a game or
agricultural animal) as a 'releasing agency' and requiring *every*
animal leaving such an agency to be spayed/neutered (and
microchipped), Virginia HB 2927 would make it impossible for
anyone in the state to legally sell an unsterilized animal.

No more show dogs. No selling of breeding stock. Over, done,
and finished. Hunters -- are you okay with only buying/selling
sterilized animals?

Everyone selling a companion animal must have a $150 dealer's
license. You can't advertise a CA for sale without giving a license
number and if you sell a CA without giving a license number *your
buyer* is fined $150.

If a stray wanders up to your house and eventually you sell him to
your aunt for $10, you could be liable for a $1000 fine because you
didn't have a license and she's hit for $150 for not getting your
license number. Well, you might convince animal control that it
wasn't 'regular,' and they *might* accept that.

Yes, it can't be 100% enforced ... yet ... but what about when all
those microchip numbers get into a statewide database? These
enforcement database-building exercises kill pet licensing and
rabies vaccination rates -- is this good policy?

You thought the microchips were so lost dogs could get home?
Nope -- the people who promoted this bill have made it very clear
that the goal is whelping box-to-grave tracking of every pet so
owners who violate their ideas of 'responsible' can be punished.

100% juvenile spay/neuter would be required for young ones --
considering the issues with these operations is that okay with you?
For some species there isn't even an accepted s/n procedure; do
you reckon your local animal control will understand that?

As releasing agencies, dealers would have to keep records and
submit annual reports as required by the state veterinarian.

Animal rescue groups are explicitly left out of the license
requirements. HOWEVER, animal shelters are required to meet
the requirement of 100% spay/neuter/microchip before placement.
What will this do to adoption rates in localities where shelters have
been adopting out pets for a $50 fee, requiring s/n by contract?

Answer: Adoption rates in those places will plummet unless they
can get additional funds to pay the ~$150 extra cost per animal.

What about people who know they can't legally sell an accidental
litter, so they give it away? Do we really want to go back to lots of
'free to a good home' puppies that wind up in research labs and
being used as dog-fight bait?

Citizens who like good economical government might want to think
about what the enforcement of all this is going to cost.

Later in the day we'll start on the first committee to hear this bill --
the House Agriculture Subcommittee and the whole Ag committee,
just in case Del Kilgore doesn't withdraw his bill.

For full time coverage and action alerts on VA bills, send a blank
email to:

va-pet-law-subscribe @ (take blanks out)

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