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Omak Suicide Race

Has anyone heard of this? Its horrible... I'm afraid to watch any of the videos they have... A friend emailed it to me.

Omak Suicide Races

There is so much cruelty in this world that it is hard to take it all on. This
was sent to me by In Defense of Animals, and it deals with the Omak Suicide
Race, in which a bunch of freakin' rednecks basically ride a bunch of horses to
their deaths. There are links to watch videos of this outrage, and there are
these freakin' morons riding these horses down steep slopes, and the horses are
falling and tumbling left and right. Then they run them into a river. In one
video there are several horses in water so deep they are literally and clearly
struggling for their lives, and these idiots are still on their backs. Then some
other idiots come by on boats and poke the horses with sticks, and towards the
end you can see even more idiots on the bank, and THEY'RE APPLAUDING. It is
sick, and it is an outrage. Please, if you have the time, take action to help
put this stupid, cruel thing out of business. More info is below:

!!!!!! Save Horses' Lives - Stop the Omak Suicide Race !!!!!!

Every year a rodeo in a small Washington town called Omak boasts of its main
attraction, "The World-Famous Omak Suicide Race." Over a span of four
pitch-black nights, riders repeatedly send horses off the edge of "Suicide Hill"
with a 120-foot full-galloping start. Next, the horses plunge more than 210 feet
down a steep 62-degree angle slope. Racing blindly at breakneck speed, the
horses then plunge into the rocky Okanogan River. After a panicked swim of more
than a football field in length, the horses face a final, grueling uphill

Over the last two decades, there have been over 20 documented horse deaths in
this race. In 2004, three horses were killed in the first heat alone. Additional
horses are killed during unofficial practice runs, but these deaths are not

Visit to learn more about the Omak
Suicide Race and how you can help put a stop to it. Then urge corporate sponsors
to withdraw support from the race and ask Washington State officials to ban it
before any more horses are killed. Click the link above and scroll down the page
to find contact information and sample letters.

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This is going on in Washington state? How disgusting.

I think it was in Alabama a reporter helped stop the torturing of pigs. I forgot what it was called but the pigs had their mouths taped shut and dogs were allowed to attack them and bite off their ears. This was considered a "family sport." Due to media coverage, a law was enacted to ban this.

If this race were shown on the major networks on the world news perhaps something could be done. I don't know why people still find it acceptable to torture horses like this!!!!!!!!

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I'm confused. Do people ride the horses off the cliffs? If so, it's too bad the deaths were horses & not the idiots. At least they chose to do it. And we are supposed to be the most inteligent species. I don't think I would be bragging about this to the rest of the world. I guess whoever dreamed up this "event" must be direct decendants of the barbarians who hold cock fights, & dog fights. How sick. They probably blow toads up with firecrackers too. What kind of twisted mind finds this kind of thing entertaining? I don't get it.

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Apparently not enough riders have died.

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I saw this last night......

I saw a clip of the "sucide race" last night...I dont remember what channel...but I think the show was most extreame videos....i started crying last night when I saw bf thought I was crazy...

There's like about 50 ppl and horse and the start going and it's like this really really really steep steep remined me of the first big drop on a roller coaster...and it's like all sandy so the horses are just basically jumping and then sliding down the hill and on top of each other...then there 3 feet of flat ground and their in the they get across the river they run a bit and into the rodeo's like the starting event of the rodeo...the first one down the hill, across the river and into the ring wins!!!

It's a horrible awful thing....I even interviewed the man who started it...he was laughing and having a great time...i just wanted to slap him!!!

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