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Well, the girls seem to like the Eagle Pack okay (I've tried 1 can so far).

At the pet store, the manager told me of the super premium foods they carry, that's actually the 3rd he recommends.

The first is Evanger's, and second is Felidae.

The Evanger's clearly states holistic/organic. The ash is a bit high though.

Evanger's Dog and Cat Food Company
Evanger's Dog and Cat Food Company

I don't recall seeing that for the Felidae. Evanger's seems to be a small business...I don't know whether that makes them a better or worse choice. I bought cans of that and of Felidae for the girls to try though.

Canidae® Pet Foods: Chicken & Rice: Canned
Their website says just isn't on the can, and the ash is much lower. The guy at the store seemed to like the Evanger's much better though...wonder why.
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