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new chinchilla, first time owner. advice needed, a little worried :(

Hey guys !

My boyfriend and I just got a Chinchilla on Saturday.

He did not drink the first day, but finally drank yesterday-- and when he drank, he drank a very good amount.

He has been eating LOTS of hay, but thats it. We bought him the same pellets that he was eating before, but I have yet to see him east ANY of them. He even covered it with his bedding. Is this normal ? I am worried that just hay is not a sufficient enough of a meal for him.

He has eaten one or two dandelion treats though.

Any advice as to why he would not be eating his regular food ? Is it bad that he's not ? After how long should I be really worried if he still has not eaten any pellets ?

Overall, his stress level seems to be low, he has a huge cage with many levels and likes to come up to us when he's roaming. He doesn't like us petting him when he comes up to us yet though.

He's adorable

He chews on EVERYTHING. I know their teeth grow three inches a year, but is it normal for him to literally chew on absolutely everything as a dog smells everything ?
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