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Oh, I got a great one ... it happened on Sunday.
Eephus' cage has 4 feeder dishes. The access doors swing out, so you can put the dishes in from the outside. Eephus likes to go around while he's out, and open them all (and he can squeeze thru the opening). Greg put him in the cage for some downtime, and I thought nothing of it. I went to lie down with a headache, I was sound asleep and dreaming ... All of a sudden, something's pulling my eyelashes ! Then I hear this cutesy little "Hi!", open my eyes, and there's Eephus on the pillow next to mine , crouched down and practically beak to nose with me ! When he saw I was awake, he snickered at me! (what we call his "wheezy" laugh) Needless to say, my nap was cut short! Went out to put him on his cage, the door was closed - but a feeder door was open!
Never a dull moment, I'll tell ya! You can't imagine how it feels to have a macaw preen your eyelashes! Yikes!

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