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A quick question...

G'day, folks!

Got a small series of questions here... would simply love to hear some opinions and/or tips on what has been concerning me for the past few weeks... and frankly, has been driving me crazy with worry at certain points.

I apologize in advance, for how scattered this question may be... I don't even know where to begin.

Come July 9th, I'll be going away on vacation until the 26th. This shall be seventeen days away from home, roughly... and, this stems one of my biggest concerns. I have two lovely kitties, named Mocha and Latte. Both are two-years-old, brothers from the same litter, neutered... and have all their shots. But, see... they are TOTAL 'momma's boys'. They are indoor cats, so they're always within the safety of my home; therefore, they're ALWAYS in contact with people. They just /love/ attention!

I've never left my boys for more than a week, in the past... they've always had people to take care of them, so there was never a need for kennel booking. (That would probably terrify them.)

For nearly three weeks, in July, I'll be away... and my step-brother (Who is /very/ well trusted) shall be staying at the home to watch over the two cats, but won't be getting home until the evenings, when his work shift ends. The kitties won't be alone... but, here's my question...

Just so my furbabies won't get too lonesome, is there any way that I can keep them as comfortable as possible, as if I didn't even leave? Any tips that you guys would have, from experience, that would help in alleviating this worry? For example... would leaving some of my clothing or belongings on the bed be a good idea, so they can always have my 'scent' nearby... or, how about keeping a radio on low volume, during the days to reduce the silence? Those are just some thoughts, mainly heard from word of mouth... I would simply love to hear more tactics!

Thank you all so very much.
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