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a picture....

...of the fuzzy I'm getting in a few hours!

He is a 2 yr old albino (pew). His name right now is Jelly but that seems kinda girly to me so we might change it. My boyfriend and I are really into trucks and motors so we thought we'd name him something along those lines but nothing really sounds good, when you call it out!! He wants ZR2 cuz it's the kind of truck he has, call him Z for short. I kinda like Vortec cuz he's got a V8 Vortec motor in his truck. I don't know, Vortec sounds better then Z or ZR2 but still sounds kinda crazy! Maybe Chevy?? Well, anyway, here's a pic, I'll let you know when we get him and what we decide on for a name, or maybe you can all give me some suggestions!!!
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