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Post Just To Clarify...

first & foremost I want to say that I am NOT posting this to aggitate anyone nor stir up any fights... I am only posting this for clarification of others (the original post got deleted when the forum went down briefly so nobody is able to look back on the original thread & judge for themselves. I happened to have it only because I wanted authorization to post BEFORE I posted it) :

tutebugs claims that I was bashing her about getting rid of one of her ferrets which I & Jade have clearly stated I was not. This was in a post called "she aint modest" & the conflict was over what type of litter I use for my ferrets. Someone had asked "does it matter what a person uses for litter?" and the rest is as follows:

Originally posted by tutebugs on 8-24-03

If it's for the best of the animal, yes, it does matter.

(my reply: )

You're right, what is most important here is the best interest of the animal (however it was a mere question so the rolling eyes was not needed)... HOWEVER you need to step back & realize everyone has different opinions... just because YOU don't think it is best that I use corncob litter (or others that may use wood or cat litter or stove pellets or whatever they choose) doesn't mean I don't think it is best. You have never been to my home to inspect my ferrets to make sure they are all perfectly healthy... you are more than welcome to though if you wish, in the mean time though I would kindly appreciate it if you wouldn't judge me as harshly as you seem to always do just because you don't seem to agree.

I mean after all I could go on & on about you getting a 3rd ferret when you surrendered 2 because of a financial conflict. BUT that is not appropriate & is NOT my place to fairly judge being that it is your life to live not mine, but it IS something I strongly disagree with & just choose not to say anything. I wish since you are not able to accept that not everyone has the same opinion as you, you would be able to keep it to yourself as well.
Now you decide for yourself... also I am locking this thread from the beginning to avoid another debate or confrontation... it is intended for reference only.
(Jade if you feel this thread is innapropriate please delete it )
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