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SPAM Policy

Paw-Talk has always had an 'open door' policy regarding links to other sites. As long as that is not a member's sole purpose for being here or isn't being advertised by a brand new member in their first few posts (otherwise known as obvious SPAM), we are perfectly fine with it. We all have other websites we visit and Paw-Talk is not threatened by the sharing of information.

However, our members did not sign up to receive SPAM in their Private Message Inbox. Sending a link to any member containing such information ("Hey, come join this forum ..." etc.) is considered SPAM, especially if the member sending it is not an established member contributing to the forum.

Our policy is simple:
Member profiles can be used to SPAM the member via PM or email, which is not tolerated in any form. Members sending such information will be immediately banned. Warnings have been given in the past and ignored by the person sending the SPAM.

If you receive a PM from a member advertising another forum/website/product, please forward it to a member of the administration team immediately.

Paw-Talk members did not sign up to receive SPAM. Advertising of other websites by means of PM or forum-generated email is considered SPAM and will be dealt with as outlined above.

Additionally, posting of a website ("Hey, here's a great site I own and want you to visit. It's really great!") as a first and/or only post is also considered SPAM and is frowned upon. Contributing members are more than welcome to post links (even to another forum) - all that we ask is that advertisement not be your sole purpose for membership. For this reason, we ask that please you wait until you have reached the 10 post threshold before posting a new thread containing link to another forum or website.
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