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I have four gliders and they are all very different. My male and female came to me as adults, tame to an extent but each with their very own personalities. My male loves to crab and nip, not because he is mean as much as someone before me obviously used to jump when he would do this and just from the look of him when he does it, he thinks he is quite funny. My female is quite shy and loves to cuddle beside me while i watch tv. I have a spare room which used to be rented, not anymore , it is now my glider gym complete with ropes and toys and yes a tv for me lol. Because of their knack for flying out of nowhere, introduction to my cats and dogs would be impossible , so we have our own room to go play in, but I am their favorite toy to glide to and from and chase each other around on. Yes i am difinitely hooked on gliders lol. My other two are my joeys that are 8wks oop (out of pouch) and they are absolutely precious. They love to curl up in my pocket and poke their heads out for a while to see what is up. I work with rescued wild virginia oppossums in the spring and summer and they were what got me interested in gliders in the first place. I have a very large cage and smell does not seem to be much of a prob. I will be building a floor to ceiling cage very shortly. But yes i agree that they are not for everyone but i adore mine.
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