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I agree with dreamscape,it will take time. My male came to me as an adult and loved to nip. I found sucess with what they call "licky treats". Putting some applesauce in a small container , dunking 1 fingertip and allow the glider to lick the treat off. Only let him lick two or three times never down to bare skin because again in the wild they bite the bark to get more sap and likely will bite you hoping that more applesauce will be produced lol. If my male started to open his mouth to bite me i would withdraw my hand for a minute or so. Then repeat he soon found he would get more lickytreats by not biting. But all licky treats should be a good or nutritious treat, apple sauce, blueberries , babyfood fruits etc. Be careful with the honey from what i understand it is not very good for them in a pure form. Hope i explained this well enough. Good luck it will be worth it Barb
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