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Ahh - yes as a matter of fact ... LOL
For those of you that don't know the story - here's the short version: (I'd add a link to the original thread here, but of all my threads about Eephus, it's the only one missing)
A few months after we first got Eephus, I went out of town for the day. Greg took Eephus outside, and he flew away! It took 3 hours, a cherry-picker, a pocketful of nuts, and a pillowcase to get him out of the third tree he flew to. I guess it was a grand old time - I hear half the town showed up. After getting him down, Greg came in, found a website that showed how to clip wings, and Eeph's flying days were over.
Eephus perches on his open cage door, crouches down a bit and holds his wingie out for Greg to clip him. No problem at all.

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