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Rat , their fur is very similar to a chins in the way that it is very dense and oh so soft. Although real short coated, don't quote me but i don't think they are legal in ca, someone else could prob answer that better though. The reason that you will not find many in any petstore even up here is that being nocturnal their food should be given in the evening and for having a nice tame glider you need to be playing and interacting with them at night. The petstores close say at 6 or 7 and open at 9 , the gliders would never get the socialization that they need to remain good pets. Although quite often if you inquire at a petstore they may know of someone who has available babies. My origin pair came from a lady that works in a petstore and she informed me that they tried keeping gliders at the store occasionally and they once escaped their cage and somehow which doesn't make alot of sense to me, they escaped from their inclosure and got into where the finches were by morning they had lost close to 800.00 in finches. They are escape artists but the finch thing , I don't know , sounded strange to me
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