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I coincidentally adopted an older dog just this morning. It wasn't planned. I'd actually gone to the PetsSmart store to get more rattie supplies but I noticed a local animal shelter was there placing dogs with new families, or trying to, rather. I had this full buggy full of two bundles of Carefresh, a new travel cage, four bags of lab blocks, a new colorful rattie hammock and more yogurt drops and, honest, I was on my way to the checkout......when it happened. Our eyes met. Who could help it? She had the biggest eyes I had ever seen on a dog. In all truth, it looked like she was wearing eyeliner. I went over to her, introduced myself, scratched her behind her ears and bid her adieu. I made it a few feet when I felt her eyes on my back, so I went back and explained to her that, though I really would love to, it was not possible to take her home. I was still explaining this to her as I filled out the adoption forms. So, here she is. She is a three year old white lhaso apso spayed female and is already walking around like she rules the roost. I named her Binky and she is already picking up on it. She seems quite taken with her new home. Me? I'm in love. She's a lap dog, I see. Growls her pleasure when you rub her back or tummy. I do believe God works in mysterious ways.
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