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Angry Exotic Animal Bans...

I have sent this letter I created to some exotic vets, and [email protected]. Please reply to this post with any emails concerning the matter of banning exotic pets. This is not right, and cannot happen any longer as it is in the U.S. and Canada...Please write a letter yourself also...My letter can be cross-posted as long as my name and such is included... Well here it is:


My name is Corina Van Camp. I am living in New York State. I own chinchillas and plan on getting hedgehogs, both of them being exotic animals. I hear of the government banning exotic animals in many locations, recently in both the United States and Canada. These animals are not only our pets, but our babies! They are part of the family. We love them very much, and take care of them, and their needs. I do not support this act. We should not be punished for the acts of irresponsible animal owners that neglect or abuse their pets. Our pets should not be punished either. I also know that if you were to ban exotic animals in this state, I would be moving to another state, and bringing my animals with me. Not all animals carry diseases and such, and eventually we are going to have no pets at all, not even dogs or cats. Animals are the ones who comfort people and listen to you when humans don't. They are the ones with opening ears and hearts. There are many people that are worried about this matter, and do not want this happening. Just of my friends, close ones at that; they own:



Prairie Dogs

Sugar Gliders

Flying Squirrels

etc. All being exotics.

I also plan on being a vet in the next years to come, if you ban exotic pets how many people will be out of jobs? Maybe not many, but they do need to support their family, and themselves. They love their jobs too, and some of them owning exotic animals themselves. I am not only being a vet, but specializing in exotic animals. Also there are many pet stores that sell chinchillas, and hedgehogs, not that this is always a good thing, but they will be having less, and less animals to support their business'. Some exotic animals are also used in educational ways. You do not want to take away children's you? Also animals possibly able to catch and carry the disease monkey pox besides prairie dogs that aren't exotics, are rabbits, rats, etc. Your not trying to ban these animals, or caring to. You shouldn't need to either, but you shouldn't be trying to ban exotics. All of these animals are very important to many.

Thank you for listening, and I am looking forward to your reply concerning this matter. I am not just representing myself, and my animals, but many other people too, and all the people that think about writing a letter, but never do.


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