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Tell him you want a baby!!! (works with my hubby!!) Just kidding (sort of) Last year before we got Jersey, I was having bad seasonal depression (it was about -25 C here) and I started talking like I wanted a baby (don't know why as we're not planning human babies) and when we heard about these puppies looking for homes, hubby said yes IMMEDIATELY! I had never had a puppy before, and after a week or so of no sleep, baby talk was OVER!! So, in the end we both won...I got a puppy and he didn't get a baby!! In the end of last summer, I had worn him down for puppy #3, then I got a really bad stomach infection, and six mths later, I can actually function again! First thought in my head !?! Great! I finally feel better, we can get another puppy soon! (Poor, poor hubby didn't know he was signing up for a full blown zoo!)
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