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Hi there Gemma! Welcome to PT. Sorry I took so long to welcome you... I read your post then re-read it again... then I got side tracked, but hey here I am now!!

What you have done for Kit is truly remarkable!! He is VERY luck to have you! You are truly right about 2nd opinions, they certainly never hurt! As for adrenal disease... it IS very common in older ferrets, however that doesn't mean that all ferrets get it! I am soo glad that he made out ok and is truly healthy & happy now! Bless your heart for giving him a chance at life!

I was going to move your post to the introduction section so others could get to know you better & welcome you as well... but since it is such a long post & specifically related to ferrets I will leave it here... however I would suggest posting a quick hello & introduce yourself as well! There are MANY special people on Paw-Talk that I' sure you could make great friends with!

Again welcome to PT, I'm glad you're here & can't wait to hear more about your adventures!!

psst... do you have any pictures of your babies you can share?!?
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